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No description

Adin Baker

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of paper

Paper by Adin Baker Paper by Adin Baker What is Paper? paper is a thin material for writing on it is made of compressed, moist fibers of cellulose pulp papermaking is said to be one of the four great inventions of China paper was created in 105 AD by Cha Lun gunpowder paper compass printing Cha Lun How was paper made in ancient China? first, the pulp is ground up and flattened then it is put in water for the fibers to settle then it is taken out of the water and left up to dry then you have paper developed in China lastly it is cut to shape paper is used for.... writing letters and notes money oragami decorations can be use in making fire insulation signs torture
(papercuts) If paper never existed, society today probably
wouldnt exist. Because without paper, we
wouldnt be able to write notes, diagrams, letters
or anything else. We would probably be living
in caves. or we could just write on pieces off
stone and bamboo THE END
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