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CC1 TP2 2013 A1 Collaborate

No description

r sa

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of CC1 TP2 2013 A1 Collaborate

Bloom's Taxonomy demonstrates the different styles and levels of thinking. Beginning from the bottom 'Knowledge', you are able to work up the pyramid and deepen your level of thinking and understanding.

Criterion 3
Criterion 1
Finding your way around Collaborate
Criterion 2
SLEE200 Children in Context 1
Assessment 1: Digital presentation

Here are the step by step instructions for submitting assignments via TURNITIN!
Criterion 5

Criterion 4
We hope to be able to take voice questions near the end of the session. In the meantime, please have your Talk and Video buttons clicked off - it helps avoid feedback sounds.
To ask a voice question, raise your hand.
To respond to a poll, click the tick box.
Drop into the chat room and say Hi :-) Type any questions or comments in the chat room and we'll endeavour to answer them as we go.
Welcome to Assessment 1: Digital presentation Collaborate session
Who has already explored Prezi? What features of it do you like?
What tips would you share?
To submit the correct link to your Prezi, you need to;
1. click Share
2. Copy link

3. Paste that into the Turnitin block of text...
Thank you & good luck :-)
In this presentation we'll deconstruct the criteria for assessment 1. Ultimately, the task allows you to illuminate your beliefs about childhood and reflect on what this will mean for your teaching.
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(Mulvey, 2008)
(lee-goldup-for-vice-magazine, n.d.)
Not a bibliography
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