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Culture and Diversity Issues in Healthcare

No description

Jennifer McCullough

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Culture and Diversity Issues in Healthcare

By: Jennifer McCullough, Anne Maitland, & Christina Lo Piccolo
Culture and Diversity Issues in Healthcare
U.S. Becoming More Culturally Diverse
Patient Diversity
Health Disparities
Language Barriers
Healthcare System
Patient Diversity and Issues with Healthcare
Immigrants change their lifestyle
Become "Americanized"
Used by more than 40% of the US population
Lack of communication with health care providers
Stigma & Tension
Complementary and Integrative
Alternative Medicine
Religion and Social Support
Social Identity Theory
Social Discrepancy Theory
Stigma and Disease
Mental illness
''A person is not really their 'own self' but rather a multiple selves that are part of a larger group membership."
Actual self
Real self
Expand network and reduce isolation
Health communication linked to religious and personal beliefs
African American Community
What happens to an immigrant's lifestyle when they come to the U.S.?
Stigma greatly promoted by media
Not openly talking about sexual matters
Confusion about transmission
Hiding that one has HIV/AIDS
Second leading cause of death in U.S.
Social network becomes distant
Stigma surrounding cancer
Used to be moral issues
Now alcoholism is a disease
The stigma behind alcoholism
Mental Illness
Stigma created from media portrayal
Misconceptions about mental illness
Links between mental illness and communication and social identity
Communication barriers
Do you view people differently when they are alone verses when they are in a group?
Cultural Issues in Healthcare
Minorities have less access to health care
Less trust in physicians
Herbal Supplements in the News
Supplements mislabeled
4 out of 5 bottles contained
of the herbs listed on the label
Exempt from FDA approval
Alcoholics Anonymous
12- Step Process
Higher Power
Recovery and Spirituality
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