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lexy hirsch

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Pulley

What is a pulley? It is made up of a grooved wheel and a rope or chain.
The rope goes in the groove of the wheel.
When you pull one side of the rope, the
wheel will turn and the object attached will move.
The purpose of the pulley is to raise, lower, or move heavy objects. The different types of pulleys: Fixed pulley & Movable pulley Examples of pulleys Movable Pulley The history of the pulley "Archimedes had stated in a letter to King Hieron that he could move any weight with pulleys; he boasted that given enough pulleys he could move the world!

The king challenged him to move a large ship in his arsenal, a ship that would take many men and great labor to move to the sea.

On the appointed day, the ship was loaded with many
passengers and a full cargo, and all watched to see if Archimedes could do what he said. He sat a distance away from the ship, pulled on the cord in his hand by degrees, and drew the ship along 'as smoothly and evenly as if she had been in the sea'"
(Society of Women Engineers). It is free to move up and down.
The wheel moves up and down with the load.
changes the size of the effort force
does not change the direction of the effort force
a pull up of the rope, also pulls up the load Pulley System Fixed and movable pulleys can be put together to make pulley systems.
a compound machine
If you use a fixed and a moveable pulley, the moveable pulley will increase your force, and the fixed pulley will change the direction of your force. flag poles
sails on sail boats
weight machines in the gym
blinds What are some other examples of pulleys? Fixed Pulley a pulley that stays in one place
used to raise and lower things
ex: flagpole or a sail
changes only the direction of the effort force
when you pull down on the rope, the load rises
It do not change the size of the effort force. Concepts behind the pulley! Effort force: when pulling on the rope, the force you apply to the pulley is the effort force.
Resulting force: the force that affects the load is the resulting force. * "the object" is also called the load The Pulley Simple Machines When pulling on the rope, the force you apply to the pulley is the _________?

The force that affects the load is the _______?

What is a fixed pulley?

What is a movable pulley?

Which type of pulley changes the direction of the effort force?

Which type of pulley changes the size of the effort force? Quick Review
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