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Feet by Jan Mark

Focus on Arrogance and Conflict

Darius Ng

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of Feet by Jan Mark

FEET ARROGANCE "people said it was hardly worth his while playing."
"Now he'll have a walkover.
Which suit him. He doesnt care where he puts his feet" Michael Collier

Jane Turner Character Focus Conflict Jane Turner VS Micheal Collier

occurs when Jane penalises Collier during the tennis match (foot fault) which is a matter of fact, something that nobody took notice of. "Nobody looks at feet" "Dont forget Friday."
"I wont forget Friday."
"And dont forget your cousin."
"Oh she's going home on Thursday morning."
"Some other time then."
"No, no. I can come on Friday."
"No. It doesn't matter." FALSE HOPE FUELS CONFLICT occurs when Jane misunderstoods Collier's intentions about inviting her to his house. Conflict 2 occurs when Collier shouts at Jane after she makes the wrong call. ARGUMENTS
RETALIATION Conflict 1 Conflict 2 Conflict 3
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