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Teachers are an important part of a child's life.

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Emely Montero

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Teachers are an important part of a child's life.

Teachers are underappreciated.
Many people in today's society stereotype and limit teaching to:
a babysitting job
a low salary
"What Teachers Make?"
by Taylor Mali
This poem talks about "WHO" helps children become the building blocks of society and encourages children to believe in themselves.
Taylor Mali:
An educator for 9 years who became a strong member of the Slam poetry community and an internet sensation.
Teachers are limited to a specific curriculum geared towards success in the Common Core Standards assessments.
Teachers and parents question the efficacy of Common Core.
Poetry and Education
Over the years poetry about education has come to immense prominence.
Poets are using poetry to shed light on the importance of education to children that should be in school.
Teachers give children the knowledge they need in order to succeed in life but aren't always praised for what they do.
Think back into your childhood for a second...
Who were the adults that influenced you
the most?

Common Core standards
affect a teacher's ability to teach.
A Middle School Teachers' Perspective:
"Officials are not in communication with people who are in the schools...they are rolling out the program in a haphazard way and so it’s so much emphasis on tests instead of the actual content that the student should be learning..."
"I think that having some sort of curriculum for students is important...but in terms of teaching exactly towards that curriculum, I think that there should be more leeway...there are schools out there that allow that like the one that I work at, allows for that and for students to have the opportunity to explore other things outside the standards and more important real life connections outside of the standards..."
Schools like MELS helps students with things other than test taking.
"...hands on approach to learning (via fieldwork) and Crew (similar to advisory). Crew, which meets every morning for around 30minutes, serves as a way to promote social emotional well being....students do not have text books, rather they learn through a real world lens."
Interview with a counselor at MELS:
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