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Ideas Bridge business plan

For the entrepreneurship presentation

Boya Hu

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Ideas Bridge business plan

THANK YOU FOR ENJOY Ideas Bridge What we do! Value Proposition Our Partners & Channels Obey your thirst , come to where the fantasy is. Chief Executive Officer
Boya Hu Chief Finance Officer
Yi Yang Chief Technical Director
Yang Zhao Ideas Bridge is a 3D-Design service company, that bridges the partnership between large global 3D software corporations and their customers by adding value and brand strength to our partners. A promise of high quality 2D-3D transformation design with a highly comfortable price. Obey your thirst , bring you to where
Your exclusive fantasy creature is. Market channels, partners like large search engines such as Google, Baidu.

Global 3D online software companies, who can offer us large amount of work we needed.

China’s top 10 design colleges and schools. Our Customers Any consumers needing 2D- 3D design who do not have the skill of the software to translate their concepts into 3D. Our Bank Branch in China
& Financial Report from CF0 Our Top Designers
EU team Milestones for Growth
2013 August 2013 Ideas Bridge's website will be launched online. September 2013 Start organize the first time on-line “the top 50 most popular 3D designers/workmanship" voting competition December 2013 End of the competition, and numerical state the solutions. June 2013 Manager team come back to China and get in touch with China's market Milestones for Growth
2014 January 2014 Open competition’s results. February 2014 Formally establish Ideas Bridge To be Continued...
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