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5.06 World History

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trevor mason

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of 5.06 World History

*The United States Flag

* Bald Eagle

* Liberty Bell

* Colors - Red, white, and blue

5.06 World History
*French Military Parade

*Aircraft of the Patroville de France aerobatics fly and make a spectacle

* Food, dances, and fireworks.

*The French National Flag

*Eiffel Tower

*French National Anthem
Independence Day
Historic Orgins :

Independence Day is celebrated every year in the United States on July 4 because this is the day that, in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and a new nation was born. The 13 colonies had been struggling for a long time to gain independence from Britain. The reason behind the struggle is the fact that the king of England was unfairly taxing the American colonist, while the colonist had no say in the matter. When the colonist won the battle against the British, they were very happy and July 4th became one of the most important days of the year in the United States. It is called Independence Day because it marks the day the United States became independent of Britain.
* Fireworks

* Parades

* Political speeches and ceremonies

* Reenactment of the signing of Independence
Bastille Day
Historic Origins:
Bastille Day is the celebration of the beginning of the French Revolution. It is called Bastille Day because it was the day that the Bastille ( a prison ) was stormed by and angry mob. It is known as the beginning of the French Revolution because the Bastille was a symbol of just how powerful the King was. By taking over the prison, it made people finally believe that the could be free of the French King's tyrannical rule. The first Bastille Day was held in 1789, the year after the storming of Bastille, and has been held on July 14 every year since.
The significance of the Bastille and Independence Day are memorable days to both countries that symbolize a new beginning of Independence. Both of these holiday are celebrated by the people to show pride and honor to their country. Fireworks, parades, and parties are ways that people in both countries celebrate the holiday. The similarites between these two celebrations are that their symbols are the National flag and National anthem. The flag colors are the same with the exception of the stars on the Unites States flag. Both of the days are holidays. The difference might be the culture and the important buildings such as the Eiffel Tower in France. They celebrate differently too. The French have a big aircraft show. The United States do not do that. These two countries come from different backgrounds but both fought for what they wanted. The main difference between these two holidays is that they have different historic origins that have gotten them their independence in different ways.
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