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English Proficiency Game

No description

Gio Cruz

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of English Proficiency Game

In today’s studies, English has been one of the major subjects. English is also considered as our second language. It now contributes to our society and plays a large role. The meaning of English as a subject is to educate on the English language in general and to aid in the understanding and employment of the language. Introduction The proposed board game is created to help enhance students’ proficiency in English. The other hypotheses are stated in null form: Hypotheses Significance of the Study Socio-economic significance. With this proposal, other researchers may be inspired to create educational games.
The result of this study may be beneficial for the following:
Home. The children and even their parents may enjoy playing this board game and at the same time learning English.
School. The school may use this for the students to be more motivated and to enjoy more when learning English.
Other researchers. Other people, especially students, may be encouraged to create and think of a way so that learning can be more fun. Statement of the Problem The general focus of this study is to answer the question, “What is the purpose of creating this board game?” This study also aims to answer the following questions: English
Game Studying English Language is important in helping you to read and write well, how to use the English language to its greatest effect and be creative with the language itself. The study about creating an English board game was conducted by the researchers in order to help people especially young students in improving one’s proficiency and knowledge about English. The researchers also looked for a creative, exciting and fun way to learn English. 1. Did the board game give any good effects on the respondents? 2. Was the creation of a new English
board game successful? 3. Was the board game successful in reaching
its objectives in terms of its effects? 1. The board game gave no significant effects to
the respondents. 2. The creation of a new English board game
was not successful. 3. The board game was not successful in
reaching its objectives. Methodology Materials:
Game board (tarpaulin)
Answer booklet
2 dice
6 different colored pieces (blue, red, yellow, green, violet, orange)
1 box for the questions (divided into 6 parts) Mechanics
1. Each player chooses their own colored piece.
2. Each player gets to roll the dice and the one with the highest amount starts first. The person with second highest goes 2nd and so on. 3. The first player rolls both the dice at the same time. Before he moves his piece, he must answer a question corresponding to the color on the 2nd dice.
Blue – Vocabulary
Red – Antonyms
Yellow – Synonyms
Green – Analogy
Violet – Identifying Errors
Orange – Correct Usage
Black (square only, no black piece) – duel 4. The first player to reach the last square or the player who reached the furthest after the time given wins. (Minimum time given: 15 minutes) NOTE: There are some twists in the game. Schematic
Design Research Paradigm Input Materials to be used:
board, questions, answer booklet, dice, Process Output Assembling the materials to create the game. English Proficiency Game Summary
Results Conclusions Based on the findings of the study and as shown on the interpretation of the results, the researchers therefore conclude that the board game developed students’ proficiency in the field of English. The following conclusions were formulated: 1. The board game has a good effect on
the respondents in terms of
developing the proficiency of
students in the field of English. 2.The creation of the new English board
game was successful. 3.The board game was successful in
reaching its positive effects on
students in terms of vocabulary,
antonyms, synonyms, analogy,
identifying errors, and correct usage. Recommendations 1. To those who would want to create a study
about the English language, look for a
consultant who is professional in the field of
the study. 2. Consider the effects or
values of the study to those
who will use it. 3. Study along this line and
similar in nature can be
conducted. Bibliography History of Board Games. http://www.online-bg.net/history-of-board-games.html Spear, J.W. and Sons, PLC (2005) History of Scrabble. National Scrabble Association. Retrieved August 6, 2012, http://www.scrabble-assoc.com/info/history.html Howard, Melissa (2007) Boggle: A Brief History of a Word Game. http://voices.yahoo.com/boggle-brief-history-word-game-334362.html?cat=4 Tagay, Lourna V., Brutas, Ma. Luisa Z. (2009) Journeying through Literature and Language IV. Makati City, Philippines: Don Bosco Press, Inc. The study resulted in the creation of a new board game about the English language. It contained questions of 6 different topics, which are: Vocabulary, Antonyms, Synonyms, Analogy, Identifying Errors and Correct Usage. The board game promoted the learning of the different components of the English language.
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