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Organizational Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Measure your Fitness in the Foreign Market

Betty Feng

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Organizational Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Organizational Cross-Cultural Adaptation
You company is invited to participate organizational cross-cultural Adaptation Survey
Measure your Functional Fitness in Foreign Markets

If you are a multinational company and familiar with the following statements ...
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
“We are not going in the right direction in our foreign markets.”
“We are having cultural issues.”
“We are not accepted by the local market.”
“We don’t fit well in the foreign market…”
Your company is facing challenges from
Foreign Institutional Pressure
Different Cultural Norms
Unfriendly Market Environment
Distinct Business Practices
Lack of Strong Relationship
Frustrated Workforces...
A tool
developed by experienced international business scholars at Institute of International Business of Georgia State University
evaluate the degree of your company's fitness in the foreign market
enhance your company's cross-cultural adaptation
About WHAT?
Organizational Factors
Relational Factors
Individual Factors
We will provide you an aggregated report identifying your company's
Functional fitness
Cross-cultural adaptation
Areas for improvement
Your company employees will voluntarily participate in a 30 minute anonymous online survey.
Contact us For Details

Dr. J. Betty Feng
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Management
Farmingdale State College
State University of New York
Dr. Leigh Anne Liu
Associate Professor
Institute of International Business
Georgia State University
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