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Pre-Islamic Arabia

No description

Vanessa Clark

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Pre-Islamic Arabia

Geography & Location 2 Distinct Regions Western Mountains Arid Desert Plains Water Source
Well watered valleys Water Sources
Rainy Seasons
Wadis Remote and Harsh Environment
Prevented Invasions
Allowed Arab civilizations to Prosper Advantages Arabian Life Prior to the Emergence of Islam Nomadic People Semitic Bedouin Tribes
Seasonal Movement Tribal People Independent Tribes
Ruled by Sheikh
Council of Elders Religions Judaism
Animism Oral Tradition Trade Location Accessibility to the Red Sea
Major religious center Mecca Prosperous Market Towns Why? Pilgrimage Center Kaaba
Holy Shrine
Local gods & goddesses Tensions Social disparities among rich and poor
Poor were mistreated Pre-Islamic
Arabia Wadi Oasis Camels Factors that Aided the Prosperity of Trade Weapons
Jewels Products Animal Products
Grains Prominent Trade Aided the Emergence of Market Towns
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