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Victoria Mico, University of Leeds, MicroTAS 2014

No description

Victoria Mico

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Victoria Mico, University of Leeds, MicroTAS 2014

Candidate drugs such Combretastatin CA4
or Apaziqone E09
show promising results against colorectal cancer,
in vitro
Deliver the hydrophobic compounds and keep treatments
in vivo
, but also have the advantages of controlled drug release.
So let's keep this simple.
First of all, we need a
to direct the drugs to the place of interest and be able to
The gas and the liquid phase meet in here
The microbubbles form in here
This is how a sample of
microbubbles looks like under the microscope.
have already been used as vehicles for drugs. For example,
drug loaded liposomes
have been attached to the microbubble surface. Unfortunately only water soluble compounds can be encapsulated in liposomes.
Let's now get the
hydrophobic drugs
dispersed in an
This is how one of these guys looks conceptually.
Remains dispersed in the oil. This should facilitate its delivery
in vivo
The lipid barrier retains both the oil volume and the drugs.
So this is how the
size distribution
of a sample of nanodroplets looked like at the
week 6th
. Still very monodisperse.
They seem to be fantastically stable! The
of the nanodroplets remains
two months
So far we have got
The vehicle: microbubbles
The capsule: lipid oil nanodroplets
Let's now build a suitable architecture for hydrophobic drug delivery
So there it is! A
decorated with
This is the
, and its gas core has
ultrasound properties
, as mentioned earlier.
link to the
surface. They are the
for the hydrphobic compounds.
So after all, they work! The nanodroplets seem to assemble on the microbubble surface.
Still many things to do...
You are almost done, I promise
Did you like this interactive poster?
Do you want to know more?

This is my personal webapge
And you can also take a look at my research group
Thanks for your time!
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