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Volunteering : The proof is in the pudding

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Sarah Sunderland

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Volunteering : The proof is in the pudding

Volunteering :
The proof is in the pudding Methodology Research conducted during 2009/10 academic year
General findings Self Confidence
84% Trying new things
Sense of making a difference
89% Self discipline and motivation
Personal development
Transferable skills Communication
90% Interpersonal
86% Team working
Active listening
Decision making
65% "Volunteering provided
me with more responsible
duties than I had in my
former full time jobs" "I learn with each
experience with clients
to listen actively in my
efforts to encourage a
lively conversation"
Academic life Putting academic
learning into practice
43% Studies benefitted in general
49% Ideas for dissertation
22% Understanding of course
content developed
33% "I opened up my
accounting knowledge
and managed to become
more efficient in the
way I work" "One of my courses, Personal and Professional Development, involved an assignment with challenges and one of those challenges was volunteering" Future career prospects Confident in using volunteering in job applications and interviews
80% Gained skills
employers require
67% Overall
63% "Volunteering is the best way to
see if the career choice one has
chosen is the right one or not.
Volunteering has definitely
influenced my career choice. It
has made me more confident of
what I want to achieve" Social impact Volunteer case studies Conclusions Recommendations Sense of being part
of university
56% Sense of being part of
local community
75% Opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds
89% Understanding of
different cultures
77% "It helped to get socialized
and meet with people
from different background
and ethnicity" "In my opinion volunteering
offers an individual the
opportunity to contribute
positively to the development
of the society/environment
where one volunteers" Rukshana, Laura & Anna - University of Greenwich Ighor Melo- London Metropolitan University Ann Jiang - Imperial College Names: Rukshana Begum
Laura Fernandes
Anna Forczek

Year of study: 3

Course: TESOL / ELT

Organisation: KidsCompany

Role: Language project leaders

A detailed report on this survey is due to be completed by August 2010,
for questions or relating to this study please email m.ruohonen@imperial.ac.uk Christine Daniel - Kingston University "I have become more confident
in communicating with people.
I have also become more patient when teaching as I lacked much
of that previously" Support for research “Volunteering England,
the Institute of Volunteering Research (IVR),
Workers in Student Community Volunteering (WiSCV)
and the National Coordinating Centre for
Public Engagement (NCCPE) welcome this joint
impact assessment from universities in the London region"

3% disability 49% BME backgrounds 67% age 18 -23 years 70% female 66% undergraduate students 1477 participants Wider context Widening participation Social impact Academic achievement Employability Transferable skills Personal development Volunteering has many benefits: Alignment with and support of university and
governmental policy frameworks and strategies Citizenship Employability Student satisfaction and retention Teaching and learning Social responsibility Research impact on other stakeholders:
Academic departments
Community groups Promotion of partnership approach Regular impact assessment
IVR, NCCPE, VE and WiSCV Name: Ann Jiang

Year of study: 1

Course: BSc Maths

Organisation: Charities Advisory Trust

Role: Card Aid Shop Volunteer

“I benefit from my volunteering experience hugely. The
organising skills and communication skills I developed
have already helped me in study and college society
works. And I believe these skills would be beneficial in
the working place as well.” "Teaching children has allowed us to design lesson plans, design
activities such as cooking and speaking games which get the
children using the language. The best thing about volunteering
so far is being able to work within a school environment and
understanding what is involved in developing a relationship
with children." Delivered via Survey Monkey Sent to all students registered
with each volunteer service Based on the Volunteering
Impact Assessment Toolkit 8 London based universities Problem solving
Name: Christine Daniel

Year of study: 3

Course: BSc Criminology And Forensic Science

Organisation: Project Phoenix

Role: Mental Health Awareness Volunteer

" It enhances your CV, it shows that you have experience in many different areas and you haven’t been getting paid for it- it’s different from paid work because it shows you’re committed to doing something" Name: Ighor Melo

Year of study: 1

Course: MA International Business

Organisation: Arsenal Double Club

Role: Arsenal Double Club volunteer

"I have learned a lot, I met different people
that are not connected in any way to the university environment, in a nsense it was good to broaden my
horizons here in London.”
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