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No description

Amber Dowdy

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Paris

PARIS, France!!!!
They have McDonald's, their
large fry is like our small
They serve BEER with a
happy meal!
This is my bedroom view!
This church was built in 1634...
America wasn't even a country then!
they call cotton candy sugar
this is Notre Dame
there is a store called Lancel. It is only in Paris.
Suz bought me a purse from there as a treat!
One night, we rode the Ferris
wheel, I called it the PARIS
Wheel. It was over 200 feet
high. My mama was scared!
I thought it was fun!
The inside of Notre
Dame doesn't look like
our church. It was big and fancy
and old. It was crowded too.
The Eiffel Tower was my favorite!
It was soooo big! There were men with
machine guns guarding it.
This is us at the mid point of the tower.
It was cloudy and they don't let you go to the top
because a plane could crash into the tower. It was FREEZING!!!!
We also had lunch at the Tower.
It was fancy but didn't taste the best!
The next day we went to The Lourve...
It is an art museum and has famous paintings and sculptures
The small painting was the famous Mona Lisa.
It had 2 guards and its own air conditioner. It took about 10 minutes to get up to it. She isn't even pretty.
The meals took FOREVER!!!! The French eat in
courses and do not hurry. I did not like the food. I ate dessert everywhere I went!

this is a menu ~GROSS!!!!!
This was the view from our apartment! It was a great trip!
There were a lot of weird things!!!
1.) Their toilet paper is BLACK!
4.) If you have to use the bathroom out in public, you have to PAY money!
2.) They don't use washclothes
3.) They don't use pillows, they sleep on the shams
5.) While the kids play on the playground, the teachers go smoke cigarettes
6.) There is no speed limit!
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