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No description

Jorge mon.

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of ENVIRONMENT

Air Pollution
What happens?
- Greenhouse effect is a natural process or as a result of human action?
- Global temperature affects ecosystems and the climate?
- The sun causes global warming?
Noise pollution
- The voice not pollute
- The ocean waves not pollute
- The noise pollution does not affect health
Do you think that all pollutions that have seen, you can found in school?
Does the school contaminated?
Does is playground contaminated?
Water pollution
Radioactive contamination
It's safe???
Which is more polluting a X-Ray or walk around a Nuclear Power Station?

- Do you think lamplight pollutes?
-Does the light affect us when sleeping?

Picture 1

Picture 2
Main pollutants

There are thousand ways to collaborate with environment, the first begins with you !
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