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The Skeletal System! By Dillon David Alex and Brayden

No description

alex gooo fart

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Skeletal System! By Dillon David Alex and Brayden

THE SKELETAL SYSTEM! Bones provide the structure for our muscles
To attach so our bodies an move. Tendons hold bones together Without your skeleton you would be
A pile of guts Your skeleton is strong but soft Your skeleton also helps you protect your organs
And tissue The brains, eyes, lungs, and heart our
Protected by the skeleton. Bones are alive till your body dies too. A baby have more bones than adults.
A baby has 300 bones. A typical bone has an outer lair.
It inpacts how strong you are. A bone makes you more flexible. Your gum if you cut it
Heals from seliva. Bruses heel when the bone heels. Your heart will turn orange if your fat. Bodies have a lot of bones! Babies have more bones than adults.
I know right! the end
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