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Aaron P.

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Michigan

Regions In Michigan
Michigan is in the Midwest region of the United States Of America
Michigan has 2 peninsulas, the Lower and the Upper
both are surrounded by Great Lakes
the Upper Peninsula is surrounded by Lake Superior and Lake Michigan
the Lower Peninsula is surrounded by Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and part of Lake Erie
Mackinac bridge
Mackinac Bridge used to be the largest bridge in the world
it weighs 1,024,500 tons!
it has 42,000 miles of wire in the cables!
it is 5 miles long
it connects the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula
Natural Resources
Some of the natural resources in Michigan are :
iron ore is found in the Upper Peninsula
hogs, nursery stock, soybeans, apples, blue berries, cattle, corn, vegetables, and dairy are found on both Peninsula
natural gas and limestone is from the Lower Peninsula
state parks are found throughout Michigan
Tourist Attractions
The Grand Hotel

This famous hotel has the world's largest roof and porch!
it is ranked one of the best hotels in the world
it has 385 different rooms
the Grand Hotel is on Mackinac island
Ambassador Bridge
the Ambassador Bridge is always open
it connects Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada
you will need a passport to cross
it's 7,200 feet long
it goes over the Detroit River
Mackinac Island
there is one school on Mackinac Island
it is famous for fudge
there are 492 people on the island
its highest elevation is 889 feet
there are no regular cars driven on the island
No Cars on Mackinac Island
only special cars are let on Mackinac Island like fire engines and police cars
Apple Island
Apple Island is in Orchard Lake in Oakland County
it had lots of apple trees
it is 35 acres
it was formed 10,000-12,000 years ago by glaciers
native americans used to live on Apple Island
Tahqamenon Falls State Park
it is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
it has several water falls
the upper falls has 50,000 gallons of water flowing down it per second, a 50 foot drop, and is 200 feet across.
the color of the water is amber because of the tannin from the nearby trees
the lower falls is 4 miles downstream from the upper falls
you can camp, hunt, hike, fish and canoe in the park
St. Joseph North Pier Outer Lighthouse
it is located in Berrian County MI, at the St. Joesph River entrance in Lake Michigan
it was first lit in 1906
57 feet high
it is owned by the Coast Guard
Michigan Maps
Cass Lake
there are bass, walleye, blue gills and pike throughout Cass Lake
it is Oakland County's largest lake
it is 123 feet deep
it is 1278 acres
Detroit River
the Detroit River is 28 miles long
its source is Lake St. Clair
it is in the great lake system
the largest island in the Detroit River is Belle Isle
The Henry Ford Museum
the Henry Ford Museum is in the Lower Peninsula
it includes many inventions by famous inventors
it is 200 acres
it includes the bus that Rosa Parks was arrested on
it includes a chair that Abraham Lincoln owned
Detroit has one of the best baseball teams in the world, THE DETROIT TIGERS!
it is the largest city in Michigan
Detroit makes more cars than anywhere else in the U.S.A.
it is important for industrial shipping with many freighters passing by each day
it is the industrial center of Michigan
it has been the capitol of Michigan since 1847
it became a city in 1859
its baseball team is the Lansing Lugnuts
it is home to Michigan State University
It is a very well known college.
Michigan State
it is based on a German town
it makes lots of fudge in many shops
the very famous auto fest is held there
there is a very popular water park/hotel
the Great Lakes
Lake Huron takes 22 years for its' water to be replaced
Lake Michigan touches Wisconsin,Michigan,Illinois and Indiana
Lake Erie has the shallowest water
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Lake Michigan
lake Ontario is the smallest
Lake superior is the biggest and deepest
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