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Transport in human body - Abigail

No description

abigail sunaryo

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Transport in human body - Abigail

Transport in human body - Abigail
- grade 9

8. 11 Each organ has its own blood supply
8.2 Blood consist of cells floating in plasma
each organ is supplied with oxygenated blood from an artery, except for the lungs
The Main Arteries and Veins in Human Body
Plasma is the liquid part of blood
It's job is to dissolve substances in the body. ( For examples: glucose, amino acids, salts, hormones, blood protein, and antibodies.
Floating in the plasma are cells.
Some of these are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
Platelets are small fragments formed from special cells in the bone.
Blood Cells
8.13 red blood cells carry oxygen
oxygen is carried in the hemoglobin which is within the red blood cells
we breathe in oxygen and diffusion cause the oxygen to go through the alveoli in the blood stream from the heart, back to the heart and then around the body
What are several things about RBC that makes it unusual?
Question 1
what does hepatic portal vein does?
Question 2
Question 3
What is plasma? What does it do? Give 2 substance it dissolves!
all veins, except the pulmonary veins and hepatic portal vein, join up to one of the two venae cavae.
all arteries, other than the pulmonary artery, branch from the aorta.
Liver has 2 blood vessels.
It is the hepatic artery and hepatic portal vein
The job of the hepatic portal vein is to bring blood from the digestive system
Hepatic artery's job is to drain de-oxygenated blood from the liver.
An RBC has a strange shape, a biconcave disc that is round and flat, sort of like a shallow bowl.
An RBC has no nucleus. This speeds up the rate which oxygen diffuse in and out of the red blood cells.
An RBC can change shape to an amazing extent, without breaking, as it squeezes single file through the capillaries.
An RBC contains hemoglobin, which makes it's color red.
answer the questions and win the gifts
3 questions only raise your hand!
What does red blood cell do and why is it red?
tank you, papoii!
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