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Star Trek vs God's Word

No description

Alexander Tullis

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Star Trek vs God's Word

vs God's Word Star Trek, FOunded in 1966
Gene Roddenberry, humanist
Does indeed promote Humanism
Unlike (?) Avatar, Promotes
this on purpose Humanism Definition:
Who has seen this is Star Trek? "Perfect" Humanist Example:

http://www.thehumanist.org/humanist/09_jul_aug/Farrantello.html Is This author truly an Atheist?
Isaiah 44:9-20 Has God turned out to be in Imposter?
Isaiah 46 Are disasters on Earth Proof of No God?
Earth =/= Heaven
Might they be proof of God?
Sin tainted Earth Belief in Humans---Guaranteed Failure
Believe in Jesus---Guaranteed Success

"aren't we all best when Striving for
unattainable Goals, Knowing that the
Striving Makes us Better"


Philippians 3:8-14
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