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Storeyno 71121

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Autobiography

Overall, grade 6 was an easy year for me
and since I was at a school that only had
6 grades, I got to graduate from Kawartha
Heights & it was a very fun experience for me. Grade 5 By Noah Storey My Autobiography KINDERGARTEN School Days Noah Storey School Days Traveling My pet peeves Things I like Piano Golf Gui tar Ski Racing Triathalons Trumpet Water Skiing Spelling Bees The first day of school I showed up happy and ready to learn, but walked in my class crying. But, I got to walk in the front of line the whole day and I thought that was awesome I participated in my first
when I was in grade 1 and participated in one each year from then till grade 4. In grade 3 I came 1st place. Spelling Bee Grade 4 Kawartha Heights Public School From this... ...to this I ended up making
of new friends. LOTS So, during the summer
after grade 4, I was
thinking I'd be going back
to Kawartha Heights for
grade 5, but one day my
parents told my brother,
my sister and I something
that changed my life... ...my family and
I were about to go
on a year long trip
around the world... We had planned we were
going to do school a little
bit everyday during our trip.
That didn't really happen... We went about 1-2 months
before my brother, my sister
and I really did any school
work. But we learned a lot
about the history of other
countries. Grade 6 Grade 7 James Strath My teacher for grade 7 was Mr. Armstrong, who has been one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. He made sure everyone in my class, including me, know what we were doing. And was a very good teacher overall. Grade 8 It's only been a few weeks in grade 8 but I can already tell it's going to a great year. My name is... I was born in Peterborough and have lived here my whole life. I have a younger brother named Elliott who's 8 and a younger sister named Daisy who's 11. My mom's name is Helene and my dad's name is Rick. Traveling I've been fortunate to travel to places around the world. many The first time I ever traveled out of Canada, I was 2 months old. The first time I ever traveled out of North America was with my Grandma. We went to Costa Rica for a week on a tour. It was really fun. Then about a year after that my family and I went on a vacation to Mexico. As you know, in grade 5 I took a big trip with my family. We left Canada from the Toronto airport. First stop, El Salvador. I was the only one in my family that had ever been there before. We stayed there for about a week. Next country, Peru. Peru was a very fun country to be in. Two highlights in Peru were trekking the Andies mountain range... And visiting the Galapagos Islands. Sea Lions California We met up with my grandma in California and visited places like Disneyland, Santa Monica,
Hollywood , and a whole lot of other places. El Salvador San Jose Machu Pichu Sea Lions My Dad Australia Continuing with the countries could take a while so I'll just say that every other country I've been to has just been awsome. Things I like My Family We stayed in this country for about 30 minutes, just in the airport. And then we went on a plane to Costa Rica... I love to do sports. Some sports I like to do are: Ski Racing Golf Ultimate Frisbee Mountain Biking Water Skiing Triathlons and running At home, I like to: Watch TV and Movies Play on my iPod Read Play on the piano And listening to music I really like playing musical instruments. The first instrument big instrument I played was the
I have been playing the
since I was 8 and still play. another instrument I play is the
I only play the trumpet in school though. And the most recent instrument I started playing is the guitar and I have been playing it for about a month. piano piano trumpet Not too much happened in grade 6 for me and it was an easy year. Since Kawartha Heights was a school that only went to grade 6, I got to graduate and it was a very fun experience. My Pet Peeves Here is a list of some of things that I find really ... annoying When you change your answer on a test and get it wrong when you would've gotten it right When you lose something important and find it later when you don't need it When a sibling gets you in trouble a lot When people ignore others when they're talking to them
(I do this sometimes too) When the government stops extra-curricular activities Thanks for watching, I hope you learned a little more about me. The End People chewing with their mouth open
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