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Uday's Individual Development Plan

No description

Uday Survi

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Uday's Individual Development Plan

Uday Survi
Individual Development Path
IT Manager
Exceptional Leader with a Meaningful Life
Career Objective
30 Days
30-60-90 Day Plan
Who I am today
Who I want to be
My current role/department has lot of visibility in the organization,
My abilities to improve current systems and processes have been noticed by my management in the chain. I will have to capitalize this to promote myself in other departments of the organization.
LinkedIn Updates & Elevator Speech Execution
60 Days
90 Days
Recruit Career Board of Directors
Informational Interviews with executives within MasterCard
Actively work with mentors on personal and professional development
Professional Certifications (CISM, CISA) Preparation
My vision is to start my own company and develop a cost effective cloud based academics ERP to help non-profit educational institutions in under developed/developing nations.
MBA Program
Saint Louis University May 2014
Concentrating in Management
To develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful leader
IT Director managing 3 virtual teams
Where I started
My Background
Raised in Hyderabad, India
Bachelor's in Mathematics
Master's in Computer Science
2 years in IT industry India
Transition to Corporate America
Responsible for MasterCard enterprise File Transfer Solutions and Operational Support
Multiculture Awareness
Fiscal Managment
Technical Skills
Collaborate and Innovate

Update Resume
Hunt Career Board of Directors
One Page Career Development Plan
Networking Opportunities outside MasterCard
Continue to develop relationships within MasterCard

I will be a person that makes a difference in this world and one that leaves other people touched, moved, and inspired, so that they, too, find the motivation to become leaders.
I will live powerfully and live a life that I love.
Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
15 Years in IT Industry
Strong Analytical & Problem Solving Skills
Project Management Methodologies
Strong Interpersonal Skills
Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities
Budget & Forecasting
Resource & Capacity Management
IT Staff Training & Supervision
Process Improvements
Customer Relationship
Payment Industry Knowledge
Work-Life Balance.
I’m not those who talk a good game. I’m those who get things done come hell or high water.
I fail to effectively promote my accomplishments.
Public Speaking

• Growing family and changing priorities with kids.
• Limited time to devote to development
• International opportunities that exist
now may not be available in future.
1. SHORT TERM GOAL (1-2 Years): Vice President within the same department in MasterCard. On right track.

2. NEAR LONG TERM GOAL (3-5 Years): Pursue leadership roles in other functional areas within MasterCard including regional offices/locations outside the United States

3. LONG TERM GOAL: Start an organization that provides IT services in the field of academics. Develop cloud based applications to help non-profit organizations.

Elevator Speech
Optimize LinkedIn Profile
Informational Interviews
Networking outside MasterCard
Interview Preparation
Career Board of Directors
Follow companies and websites
Monitor Progress and Continuous Learning
One Page Career Plan
Aarush & Aarav
Confused on long term goals
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