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Al Copone

No description

Magenta Cheetah

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Al Copone

AL CAPONE Who is Al Capone?
-He was a ganster bruhh!
He was on his G-Stuff! Where was he born? -He was born in Brooklyn.
January 17, 1899. After working his way up through a few 'kiddie' and teen gangs during schools, Capone soon became a member of which dangerous and notorious adult gang?
5points gang.
This is where he met and joined such cronies as Johnny Torrio and Lucky Luciano. What was the name of the 17year-old kid who gave Capone his famous trademark four-inch facial scar? Frank Gallucio.
Capone had allegedly insulted Gallucio's sister outside a bar where Capone worked as a bouncer. He never sought revenge on young Frank. In what year did Capone
become the undisputed boss
of Chicago's infamous southside? 1925.
Capone had been Johnny Torrio's
underboss for several years. When Torrio
retired in 1925 the job was given to capone. What was the nickname that
capone's close friends and family called him? Snorkey.
Lover boy was Al's brother,
Ralph. Snorkey came from an old nickname started in his NYC days.
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