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Mary Wollstonecraft

No description

Dsean Emoell

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft

Her Story
Mary Wollstonecraft (cont)...
In 1784, Mary, her sister Eliza, and her best friend Franny, established a school
Wrote pamphlet "Thoughts on the Education of Daughters" in 1787
Her first book "Mary, A Fiction" was her only complete novel and tells the story of a tragic romantic friendships between a woman and a man
Also wrote a children's book, "Original Stories from Real Life"
Upon the death of her best friend Franny, Wollstonecraft took the position of governess for the Kingsborough family
The Biography of:
Mary Wollstonecraft
Born April 27, 1759 in London, England
Had an abusive father who spent all the family's money on failed farming attempts
Left home at age 18 with very little education
Both of her children were born out of wedlock (rare for that time period)
Project Breakdown

Noell: intro and closing
Emma: Why we chose this subject/author
Sean: Contextual information/history
Derek: Biographical info
Emily: Mary Wollstonecraft's impact on the feminist movement
All: reading of The Vindication of the Rights of Men
Why We Chose Mary Wollstonecraft:
Contextual Info/History
What was happening in history: The French Revolution (1789)
Wollstonecraft was on the side of the rebels
After the French Revolution, Edmund Burkes wrote a treatsie (formal document) called "Reflections on the Revolution in France
This was the work that inspired Wollstonecraft's "Vindication of the Rights of Men"
One of the first women to pursue writing as a professional career
Spoke for the rights of everyone, not just women
Dared to do "what no woman has done before"
Her ideas mothered the woman who would later write
Contributions to Feminism
Referred to as "the mother of feminism"
Argued for the rights of women's education, stating that women's education would strengthen marriage relationships
She brings together feeling and thought, instead of separating the two, calling the harmony of feeling and thought "reason"
She believed that true freedom would only be achieved when women and men were equally free, as well as equally dutiful in carrying out their responsibilities of family and state.
(Think of the time period and how radical this was)
"The Vindication of the Rights of Men"
Wrote as a critique of Burke's piece
She wanted equality for all and supported the French Revolution
Enlightenment ideas
Republicanism (not aristocracy)
Not only a woman, but a revolutionary
Mary Wollstonecraft
Noell Rufh
Derek Akers
Sean Johnston
Emma Blanchard
Emily Duncan
Her work:
How were we affected?
Work Cited
Equality of both genders
Believes girls should be encouraged at young age
Have the same opportunities as men
Group Thoughts
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