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Parenting Styles

No description

Cristiana Saballos

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Parenting Styles

Authoritarian Authoritative Balanced
Have rules and regulations their children are expected to follow.
Listen to their children
Give punishments that fit the crime
Encourage their children to be independent
Warm and loving Parenting Styles Parenting styles play a big part on who we are when we grow up. Different parenting styles have distinct effects on the children that are brought up within these styles, some are good and some are bad but one way or another they do shape our personalities and morals. Permissive Show love and warmth to children
Have few rules
Any rules hey do have are not enforced properly
More of a friend than a parent
No discipline
No sense of right and wrong
Spoiled Unresponsive
No warmth
No guidance
Absorbed in their own problems
child grows up too quickly
Behavioral issues
Academic issues
Can be immature till later in life Conclusion http://www.aboutourkids.org/articles/parenting_styleschildren039s_temperaments_match




http://www.parentingscience.com/authoritarian-parenting.html Uninvolved References More emotionally stable children.
Better Judgement
Respect parents more
Learn from their own mistakes Moderate Controlling
Have rules and regulations their children are expected to follow.
Do not listen to their children's opinions.
Do not explain to children why they are getting punished
Discourage discussion
Do not express love and warmth Proficient
Overly Obedient
Dependent Lower Self esteem
Less happy
Less likely to succeed Disobedient
Not well- behaved
Hide bad behavior from authority figures Strict Lenient Harmful Think about it what kind of parenting have you grown up with?

Is it a mixture of parenting styles?

What Kind of parent do you think you are going to be to your children? Review No one has the best way of parenting because even though a parent’s way of raising their child may fall into one of these categories the end results are never set. But if someone had to choose, authoritative is the most appropriate because the parents are supportive, fair, loving, and when they need to they are strict but with moderation.
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