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Intermediate 8 2E U8 TP

No description

Sandra Arellano

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Intermediate 8 2E U8 TP

How are the following families?
Only child families
Large families
Single parent families
Blended families
Adoptive parent families
Grandparent families
Compare your parents' or grandparents' generation with yours in the
following topics
Family talking time
Family quality time
Is there a "generation gap"?
Now look at the cartoons from
page 86. Do they reflect any of the
topics previously discussed?
split up
falling out
patch (something) up
things didn't work out
things worked out
talk back
What is Bettina's problem?
What has she done to try to solve it?
What does Teresa think about this?
Do you agree with her?
End a
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Good behavior
Start a relationship again
act up
be well-behaved
shape up
be a troublemaker
get back together
Have you ever had a falling out with someone?
Did you act up in school?
Do you know any troublemakers?
Did you use to talk back to your teachers?
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