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No description

jordyn bland

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of norway

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Religion Norway norway food - music-dance traditonal music and dance through kappleik music language they speak they speak norwegian and Sami
norway map norway sports football and handball are really popular sports in norway Norway government Norway's government is constitutional monarchy norway's capital norway's capital is Oslo norway's Religion norway's religion is christianity, protestant, and Roman Catholic Population the population is 4.5 million Norway's cross this is their cross Norway was involved with the Norwegian-Swedish War of 1814, world war 1 and 2
Norway's Wars Norway's seasons climates summer- tempuratures in july and auguest can reach up to 25°C - 30°C. Norway's car Fall-tempurature drops slowly Winter- Temperatures can reach below -40°C Spring- highest temperatures are usually found in the southern part of Eastern and Southern Norway.
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