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SSSSHHHH!! It's a SECRET!! The Missing Ingredient for Improving Student Performance - ESC 17 - Summer 2013

As Steven Furtick says, we need to CHANGE the way we CHANGE by embracing the needs of 21st Century learners and addressing the demands of the corporate world in this Conceptual Age.

Karen Bayer

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of SSSSHHHH!! It's a SECRET!! The Missing Ingredient for Improving Student Performance - ESC 17 - Summer 2013

that educating a child for the 21st Century require far more than
was required during
the 20th Century! 'Riting 'Rithmetic In our digital world,... VISUAL and AUDITORY
components need to be
added to the package. That is where much of our students' reading, writing, and figuring will take place— whether we like it—or not. The students DEFINITELY like it. To ensure our students are well prepared to
secure employment in the 21st century, we must lead in developing learning environments that prepare students for the world they'll live in. The 3 new R's students must embrace for success in school and in their chosen 21st Century careers (yes, they will most likely have more than one) involve: Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor! We must SCHEDULE time for RELATIONSHIPS:
At Mackenzie, we have College Advisors (advisors are ALL of the adults in our building) who spend 20 minutes each morning eating breakfast with 12 to 14 students. Advisors PROGRESS MONITOR daily! They log into the gradebook as a parent to view ATTENDANCE, GRADES, and BEHAVIOR and serve as an advocate for their students as well as a parent liaison. various digital tools In Project LIVE, EUSD teachers and students have been creating award-winning videos since 2003 Each video is tied to the California Content Standards. problem solving and collaboration
that engage the highest levels of Bloom's
taxonomy, coupled with Daggett's highest
levels of application... accommodate ALL learners in ALL 3 tiers, i. e.:
Teachers at Mackenzie provide individualized,
prescriptive learning as well as one-on-one time with teachers via: www.voki.com. are the most important
components of the learning process. In the classroom, digital devices are not used for listening to music... or playing
silly games. libraries of books... ...or the Internet. for the next edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica to learn about important
events of the day. They need our help
in learning how to
bring about and/or
rapidly adapt to the
change that surrounds
them now and that will
continue to bombard
them in the future.... Despite all the budget
and personnel cuts, technology enables us to address individual instructional needs... and engage and assess student's SE mastery via the media 21st Century students know and love. Photography Video and Music/Audio taking a glimpse of technology that is already available and that will become affordable in very near future helps us realize... our 21st century students don't have time ...or a dictionary... Reading Digital devices are utilized to provide students with immediate access to... and...The 3 R's (the skill set sought after by employers) in education have
CHANGED as well!!! + + Wow! Talk about accommodations for learners! Is it safe to say, the first place to start helping our students prepare for a world we can't even fathom is to begin changing our own way of thinking? Steve Jobs is a name we all know in this room.

Would you say he was a man who embraced change? In his book, How Successful
People Think, John Maxwell
says, "It's hard to overstate the value
of changing your thinking. It can take
you to a whole new level--personally
and professionally. It really can change
your life." Maxwell goes on to recommend a process for improving our thinking that forty years of research says can be learned by those willing to put forth the effort:

1. Expose yourself to good input;
2. Expose yourself to good thinkers;
3. Choose to think good thoughts;
4. Act on your good thoughts;
5. Allow your emotions to create another good thought; AND
6. Repeat the process!

World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker said, "I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through--then follow through."

Maxwell states, "Good thinkers solve problems, they never lack ideas that can build an organization, and they always have hope for a better future." "Good thinkers are always in demand. A person who knows how may always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be his boss." Plato said, "Do not train children
to learn by force or harshness, but
direct them to it by what amuses
their minds, so that you may be better
able to discover with accuracy the
peculiar bent of the genius of each." We are anxious to see your
genius evidenced by an ICEA
Quad D design activity. Since so
few of you were able to attend
the Model Schools Conference,
please allow us a moment to tell
you about this amazing tool that
Dr. Daggett claims will increase the rigor,
relevance, and results in your classroom. http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Search/830?filter=harassment

“Harassment” means threatening to cause harm or bodily injury to another student, engaging in sexually intimidating conduct, causing physical damage to the property of another student, subjecting another student to physical confinement or restraint, or maliciously taking any action that substantially harms another student’s physical or emotional health or safety.
“Hit list” means a list of people targeted to be harmed using a firearm, as defined by Penal Code 46.01(3) [see FNCG]; a knife, as defined by Penal Code 46.01(7) (any bladed hand instrument that is capable of inflicting serious bodily injury or death by cutting or stabbing a person with the instrument); or any other object to be used with intent to cause bodily harm. Application Knowledge Rigor/Relevance Framework C D B A 5 4 3 2 1 6 5 4 3 2 1 Student Thinks and Works Student Works Rigor/Relevance Framework 5 4 3 2 1 6 5 4 3 2 1 Teacher Works Student Thinks 5 4 3 2 1 6 5 4 3 2 1 Research Demonstration Lecture Memorization Brainstorming Cooperative Learning Inquiry Instructional Technology Problem-Based Learning Demonstration Project Design Simulation/Role-Play Work-based Learning Vary instructional strategies
Hands-on experiences
Show practical applications
Encourage students to investigate
Integrate information and communication technology (i.e. computers, internet, etc) Instructional Strategies to Raise Rigor and Relevance Sponsored by FLICC Stickiness:
Designing lessons using the SUCCESs principles:
Simple Unexpected Concrete

Credible Emotional Story Instructional Frameworks Sponsored by FLICC Is there any question what needs to be done with regard to ENRICHMENT?
We haven't even begun to scratch the surface. However, at Mackenzie Middle, students have a wide variety of DAILY ENRICHMENT activities that include:
1. Show Choir
2. CSI Crime Lab
3. Jazz Band
4. Art Club
5. Robotics
6. Create Your Own Society
7. Hunger Games
8. Fantasy Football
9. Restaurant Entrepreneurs
10. Chess Masters Your Turn! Talk about what you could do differently this coming semester or even next year to begin preparing your 21st Century students for success. I can tell you the kids at Mackenzie Middle literally cry when they have to move into intervention. Conversations go like this, "But Mrs. Bayer, I love Jazz Band. Why would you take me out of it?" "Well, your data tells me you are really struggling in math." "I'm not struggling; I just don't try on tests." "I'm sorry, but until you can show me that you know and understand the material that will be covered on STAAR, I can't let you go back to Jazz Band." "I will show you, Mrs. Bayer. I can do the work!" With a Partner... Video A Video B Compare 1. Were any of the attributes of harassment present in this video? Explain. 2. Were there any breeches of confidentiality
or FERPA regulations violated? Explain. Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: Sponsored by FLICC Mackenzie Middle School
2012-2013 3rd Six Weeks Data Elementary Modified Math Data Elementary Modified Social Studies Data Elementary Modified ELAR Data Modified Middle School Science Data 8th Grade ME 7th Grade ME Elementary Modified Science Data 5th Grade Quadrant I ME Algebra I ME Modified Middle School Math Data 8th Grade ME 8th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade ME 7th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I Percent Score Modified Middle School Social Studies Data 8th Grade ME 6th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I ME Modified Middle School Reading Data 8th Grade Percent Score 8th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade ME 6th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I ME Mackenzie Middle School
2012-2013 3rd Six Weeks Data 8th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade Percent Score 6th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I Percent Score 8th Grade Percent Score 8th Grade ME 7th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade Percent Score 6th Grade Percent Score 6th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I ME 7th Grade Percent Score 7th Grade ME 6th Grade Percent Score 5th Grade Quadrant I Percent Score 8th Grade ME 8th Grade ME 7th Grade ME 6th Grade Percent Score 6th Grade Percent Score 6th Grade ME 5th Grade Quadrant I Percent Score 5th Grade Quadrant I Percent Score 5th Grade Quadrant I ME 6th Grade Percent Score Algebra I Percent Score 8th Grade Percent Score
Karen Bayer, Principal
Mackenzie Middle School
Lubbock ISD
806.766.0777 In his book, Different Brains, Different Learners, Eric Jensen says students are not stuck the way they are. "Their success is dependent on their operating system, and it can be upgraded." We are now in the 13th year of the 21st Century! Have you considered why your kids may not be making progress? Are you still stuck in the 20th Century? Do you realize the triangle of "HOPE" for kids and teachers involves... TECHNOLOGY and an entirely different skill set for jobs that have not yet been created???? When we think of
Response to Intervention,
we think of time---
focused, targeted time
devoted to improving
student performance. It has been said that "time" is the great equalizer!! SSSSSHHHHH!!!

It's a SECRET!!! We often tell skeptics that our children of poverty can experience success in school and simply need opportunity to experience language and the joy of learning!! While I know your brains are on overload after being blessed with tremendous information and resources thus far during the conference, I want to ask you to consider a somewhat different "triangle" with regard to RtI and entertain the possibilities this tool might offer in leveling the playing field for the kids entrusted to your care! Jensen offers students and teachers a different triangle-- a triangle of "Hope"!!! "Enrichment has been shown to overcome the effects of learning delays, memory loss, attachment disorders, fetal alcoholism, and drug abuse. When we bring together skill building, enrichment, accommodations, and hope, we get a powerful plan that accelerates the chances of success." --Eric Jensen Reading First's small group instruction and "must do"/"may do" menus afford teachers and students the opportunity for project-based, interdisciplinary work that clusters and connects SEs to real-wold, relevant learning. According to Daggett, relevance makes rigor possible! Doodle Buddy gives students an opportunity to even do worksheets and assessments in a fun way where assignments can be edited, revised, and is NEVER eaten by the dog!!!

Children can write or type their responses. Flipping enables parents to remain sane by
allowing students to obtain information at home and receive instruction in application of knowledge at school with their teachers. Students can review information as many times as necessary until mastery is achieved. Flexible weekly class schedules give ALL learners an opportunity for MORNING instruction in their core content area classes! Teachers recording their instruction on the SMART board and then playing it for students during class while they move about the classroom assisting students is yet another way to get two teachers for the price of one. This also helps students who are absent or who just need to hear the instruction multiple times. Maybe this is given to struggling students in a pre-teach session that ensures they are the "brightest crayon in the box" when their peers join them for Tier 1 instruction! In Daniel Pink's book, Drive, he states that we are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Are you motivating your kids? Are you cognizant of Pink's research in his text, A Whole New Mind, where he shares that 21st Century men and women are moving into the Conceptual Age where Corporate Recruiters are primarily interested in and hire people with the following aptitudes: I know you have been working on
skill development
and I'm confident you have been providing accommodations...

But, have you been providing daily ENRICHMENT opportunities for your low-performing students???? 1. Design - Good design in
our lives is essential.
2. Story - Story is "context
enriched by emotion". It is
the emotional element that
makes information stick.
3. Empathy - Everyone
can be more successful
with the ability to walk in someone else's "shoes". This is one attribute that can't be out-sourced. 4. Symphony - The conceptual age will reward those who can see connections between seemingly unrelated areas, i. e. someone who takes their knowledge of math into the medical field or someone who applies their knowledge of music to business concepts.
5. Play - The conceptual age will allow us to combine work and play. Gaming will soon flood the education field by giving us compelling statistics. Students will be eager to beat their previous score!
6. Meaning - People have a desire to find purpose and meaning in their lives!
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