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Tibco Business Works Overview

No description

david peover

on 11 October 2010

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Transcript of Tibco Business Works Overview

Welcome to the Tibco Overview
TIBCO BusinessWorks (The Information Bus COmpany )
is a scalable, extensible, and easy to use integration platform that allows you to develop integration projects.

includes a graphical user interface (GUI) for defining business processes and an engine that executes the process.

works with TIBCO Administrator (a web based GUI for monitoring and managing run-time components).
TIBCO Key Components
The TIBCO BW Designer

The TIBCO BW Engine

The TIBCO Administrator

The TIBCO Runtime Agent (TRA)
TIBCO Designer
Main Screen Window
Project Panel
Palettes Panel
Global Variables Panel
Tester Panel
TIBCO BusinessWorks is based on messaging standards with proven
track records. Supported protocols include TIBCO Rendezvous, JMS, and
Business information is distributed among different business applications. Adapters help make this information available to the business process by "adapting" the applications to a common messaging system.
Schemas and Data Mapping
Different applications in your enterprise use different data representations. TIBCO BusinessWorks allows you to view and manipulate the data coming from and going into each service or activity using XML schemas.
Enterprise Archive
The Enterprise Archive resource allows you to create an Enterprise Archive file (EAR file) that you can use to deploy the project.

The EAR file is created after your application has been Designed, Developed & Tested.

The EAR file contains Shared archives and process archives that you specify. These archives contain the Adapter configurations and process definitions you wish to deploy.

After saving the Enterprise Archive file, you can send it to the machine where the Administration server resides.
TIBCO Administration Domain
The TIBCO administration domain combines the benefits of a distributed run-time environment with centralized design time deployment, and run-time monitoring and management.

In other words, what we build in Designer, (EAR file) we deploy in

The End
Any Questions?
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