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The Rhetorical Appeals

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Anoud Abusalim

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of The Rhetorical Appeals

The Rhetorical Situation and The Rhetorical/Persuasive/Aristotelian Appeals
WRI 101
Fall 2015
Anoud Abusalim
Aristotle’s Rhetorical Appeals
The Rhetorical/ Persuasive Appeals

AD 1
Ethos means the appeal to the persona of the speaker. Ethos highlights the authority of the speaker or writer.
1- President Obama is someone with strong ethos to discuss the U.S. Foreign Policy as opposed to some street passer.

2-In many T.V commercials, we often see an actor wearing a doctor’s coat who announces the importance of using this particular toothpaste he is advertising.
How is ethos used in the ad that you have seen?
Pathos and AD 2
Pathos means the appeal to the emotions of the audience.
In many T.V commercials, we often see an average looking man being followed by a bunch of beautiful women because he used the particular toothpaste that was recommended by the doctor in the previous example.
This technique appeals to the insecurities and inadequacies that many people have.
How is pathos used in the ad that you have seen?
Logos means the appeal to logic.
In the first T.V commercial, we see the actor, who is wearing the doctor’s coat, sharing with the audience some interesting facts or observations about a study that proves that 99% of the users of this toothpaste got better teeth after three weeks!
This is not logic; it is a fallacy.
We see logic in well-construed arguments.
How is logos used in the ads that you have seen?
The Rhetorical Situation and Appeals

Final Thoughts
The Rhetorical Situation- The Classical One
How to Understand the Elements of the Rhetorical Triangle ?
Assessing the Writing Situation Activity
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