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Copy of Copy of Glo-Bus


Mo Al-Zarrad

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Glo-Bus

Digital Magic Agenda:
Mission and Vision
Operational performance
Financial performance
Main competitor
Future outlook
Lessons learned CEOs:
Mohammad Al-Zarrad
Omar Alnaem
Anahita Safa Vision
Our Mission:

Digital Magic Mission is to provide good quality digital cameras that allow the customers to best capture the beauty of life, and allow them to create and share memories. Financial Performance Multi-feature :
a broad differentiation strategy ( camera for $370). Entry level :
a low cost provider strategy (1/2 camera for $83) Digital Magic is aimed to be the leader in reliable and technological advanced digital cameras. We are focused on meeting our customer needs for advanced technology products and seek to be the first choice in digital imaging technology. Maximized R&D investment to reduce production cost
Hired employees in the first 3 quarters and laid off extras during quarter 4.
Last 3 years buy back shares to increase your EPS
Payback part of your loan each year to avoid paying high interest rate.
High investment in advertising will increase your sales Lessons learned Credit Rating Image Rating Problems and issues impacting result - In year 11 our cost of production reachs a high number since we did not invest in R&D - In year 11 our interest expense reachs a high number since we did not payback any part of our loans.

-EPS Target for year 15 is $1.5
-ROE Target for year 15 is $6
-Credit Rating Target for year 15 is C
-Image Rating Target for year 15 is 55
-Stock Price Target for year 15 is $8 Our Strategy.. Future outlook
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