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By: Louis Sachar

Kristine Pali

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Holes

Holes By: Louis Sachar “No-Good-Dirty-Rotten-Pig-Stealing-Great-Great-Grandfather”. I chose this passage because I thought the story behind its meaning is funny. The story is that a gypsy put a curse on all of Stanley’s descendants. I imagine a group of people with no permanent place to live traveling from city to city. DEFECTIVE: markedly sub-normal instructor or function or intelligent or behavior; Not working properly. Book sentence- “He glanced helplessly at his shovel. It was defective.” Original sentence- Because the refrigerator was defective we had to live out of a cooler for weeks. Stanley was a tall, overweight boy. Stanley was a good kid. The boys stuck together and helped each other out. They were protective of each other. Stanley looked toward Zero, but he had disappeared in the haze. Stanley was angry. What he thought he should do was to go look for Zero. Stanley decided to run away to look for Zero. He headed towards Big Thumb. He saw an object in the distance, which was a boat. It lay upside down and buried in the dirt. Stanley heard a noise under the boat and found that it was Zero. The boys at Camp Green Lake were made to use shovels day and night. Most like Stanley because I care about friends and like to help them when they need help. I am not quiet, but Stanley is. The meanness that X Ray shows to other boys would prove that being cruel to one person can cause another to show cruelty to others. Like when one kid bullies another kid, others will join in. Zero and Stanley became friends because they helped each other. The benefits of friendship. “We always took what we wanted.” Pg 184 – Zero. “When I was little, I didn’t know it was stealing.” Pg 184 – Zero. “When I saw the shoes on display, I just reached in the glass case and took them.” Pg 184 – Zero. “Clyde Livingston shoes?” Pg 184 – Stanley. Stanley never tells Zero that he was accused of stealing the Shoes.
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