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The Rock and the River

No description

Dominique Chapple

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of The Rock and the River

By: Kekla Magoon
The setting of the book took place in the 1960's when white people and black people didn't like each other and black people wanted to be free.
The Main Character
Samuel Childs (Sam)- Main character
Steven Childs (Stick)- Sam Brother
Maxie- Sam Girlfriend
Bucky- Sam and Stick best friend
Roland Childs- Sam and Stick Father
The mood of the book is mostly shocking and upsetting because an 13 years old boy when through so much at his age
The Theme
The theme of the book is that anybody in this world have a voice and you need to go for what you believe in
The Rock and the River
The conflict is that racism became a big problem in Chicago. And once Bucky get beaten by the police for no apparent reason and gets thrown in jail, Stick joins the "Black Panthers" and Roland doesn't like one bit knowing that that group is breaking their family apart.
Rising Action
Sam meets a girl he like named Maxie.
In the two brothers room, Sam found Stick's gun.
Bucky gets beat up by the policemen.
Stick joined the "Black Panthers" without telling his dad.
Roland found out Stick joined "Black Panther" and kicked him out
Sam and his dad set up a demonstration for Bucky
During the demonstration, the "Black Panther" arrived and got to fighting with some white people and Sam pulled a gun out on the white policemen protecting Stick
The same man who Sam pulled a gun out on stabbed Roland with a knife
Falling Action
Roland made it through surgery alright.
Sam and Maxie had to swear in.
Bucky was pleaded Not Guilty
When Sam, Stick, and some other Black Panther member went to go keep up Bucky from the jailhouse, a policemen shot Stick in the chest twice and Stick died instantly.
Roland closest friend, Martin Luther King Jr, got killed
After Stick's funeral, Sam and some of the Black Panther members went to go find and kill Stick's killer, but Sam chickened out.
Sam became a member of the Black Panther
Sam realized he was the rock and the river because he want to show people had brave and hardcore he is but now in a non-violence way.
The Book
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