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US Presentation of the service of Hokas Credit Management

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Einar Helgesen

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of US Presentation of the service of Hokas Credit Management

What effect will 6 reduced effective credit period have?

Next page show an example

Let us make one that is tailored to your needs

This is an example of one of our unique reports
Here can see the trend for the status of each month:

* The revenue.

* The Outstanding.

* The Payments. How many days after the invoice date, has the paymenst been made, on average
All the payments go to the creditor account

This invoice will be collected in cooperation with Hokas Credit.

Payment made after the due day will accrue interest and fees according to the applicable laws for late payments.

On the following pages there are examples of

the reminders that we offer

Hokas sends reminders, add fees and collects the money
Your or Hokas logo
Your own tailor made and personal text
All reminders can be tailor made - to your needs

Suggested text that will be printed on the original invoice to the debtor
This reminder will add interest and fee
This reminder will add interest and fee
The creditors will continue to bill as normal
Increased Cash Flow
Your heading
This is your, Creditor, log in with all necessary information

All reports are live and are always updated, 24/7

Under each button it is sub menus to all the reports
This is the debtors login page

User Name and passwords will be provided to the debtor when info messages and reminders are sent from Hokas

A copy of the invoice will be available on this page
Your accounting system and esp are fully integrated
This is an overview that can be sent to the debtor weekly, monthly or be deselected
No added interest and fees
Can be tailor made as the first reminder
Can be tailor made as the first reminder
Can be tailor made as the first reminder
When a case is ready to be sent to the collection agency, there are alternatives

This process can be automated to send cases to the collection agency

All payments that are made to your account, after the case is sent to collection, will automatically be reported to the collection agency
This is just an example Let us make a calculation that is tailored to you company
ESP integrates with most accounting software on the market

If your accounting software is not shown, please contact us

Accounting system
The effect of reducing credit days by 6
Reminder service
First reminder
Collection reminder
Balance report
Your way to
Substantial improvement of Cash Flow

Automated receivables management

Why use the receivables management service from Hokas
Automated routines for monitoring the payments

and collection of your receivables
The service is self-financed
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