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Mr. Barkes

Daniel Barkes

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Buddhism

Sid's Problem Founded by:
Siddhartha Gautama Teachings 8Fold Path Images Buddhism 4 Sights:
Old Man
Diseased Man
A Dead Man
A Holy Man 5 Precepts Do not
Overindulge Do not kill Do not lie Do not steal Other Buddhist
Teachings Teaching ! Early Life: Born into warrior class Led a pampered life After seeing this Sid decided there was
more to life and left his pampered life
and became a Monk. During his search for "truth"
Sid came to the realization
while meditating under a tree
that life is suffering After this Sid became known as Buddha
"The Enlightened One" Buddha began spreading his
new way of life. Four Noble
Truths Suffering Exists
There is a cause of suffering
There is an end to suffering
In order to end suffering you
must follow the eightfold path Right View Right Thought Right Action Right Speech Right Livelihood Right Effort Right Mindfulness Right Concentration Do not use drugs Holy Text: Tripitaka Reincarnation Karma Way to end reincarnation:
Reach enlightenment
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