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The Leopard

No description

Christopher Orr

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of The Leopard

The Leopard
The Leopard
The Leopard also known as Panthera Pardus is a member of the Felidae family. It is the smallest of the many cats (lions, tigers, etc,.)
I chose the leopard because...
It's unique in many ways
The pattern on it's fur is cool!
It's agile
It's a good hunter
It might not be tougher than a lion or fast than a cheetah but I still think it is better than the both
History between leopards and humans
Leopards have been known by humans for a long time
They have been in art and mythology in many countries where they have occurred
Leopards are usually used for coats
Most leopards ovoid humans, but usually see them/us as prey
Even though a leopard is smaller than a human, an adult leopard can still kill a human
We can help the leopard by....
Staing out off its environment
so it doesn't feel endangered
Supply its need
giving it food or water
We can move them to a zoo for a better life style
Leopards live in small deserts and savannahs
They also live in coniferous forests in moderate regions subtropical forest and grass lands such as tropical forest.
Leopards only hunt its prey that has a body weight of 20-50 kg
They kill yearlings of a small dear species, they pursue small hog deer and wild boar, sheep, goats and calves of domesticated buffalo and cattle
Their hunting strategies are flexible that they are able to catch porcupines, pea fowl, monkeys (in trees) and dogs
Leopards are the most endangered cats
They are shot, poisoned, trapped in snares and hunted down by hounds
They are mostly hunted for their fur
Their population is being reduced but it is reproducing in the wild
A leopards predator(s) are lions, tigers, hyenas, baboons, pythons, and wild dogs
A leopard is an uncompanionable animal, a group of lions, hyenas, baboons, or wild dogs can attack and kill a leopard
Large cats (lions or tigers) wont kill a leopard as prey, but will kill if one tries to hurt its territory
Prey II
The leopard will bring its prey into a tree after a kill
If it does not do it quickly, a lion or hyena will smell the carcass and go to were it is
Predators II
Adult leopards occasionally don't have many predators in the wild
If approached, a leopard can force upon injuries with its claws or teeth
Leopard Attack
Two cases happened in India: the first leopard, "the Leopard of Rudraprayag", killed more than 125 people; the second, the "Panar Leopard", may have killed more than 400. Both leopards were killed by a man named Jim Corbett"
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