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The Killer Angels.

No description

cameron lurvey

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of The Killer Angels.

Brady Reynolds
Cameron Lurvey
Jonathon Wardlow
Part One
The Killer Angels
By: Michael Shaara
The book starts out with one of are main characters, Harrison. He is confederate spy and has discovered a large mass of Union troops moving towards the Confederates.

Also several miles away the Union Colonel Joshua Chamberlain is woken up to be told that their regiment has got another 120 men. These mutineers are men that must be kept under guard.
Part 2
General Lee wakes up feeling like crap, he is having mild heart problems. He addresses his aide of the military situation. General Stuart his best soldier has been reported missing for awhile, and people have been angry because he hasn't showed up with the information of the enemy position and has left everyone blind for attacks.
In chapter three Union commander General John Buford is scouting with 2,500. He finds a small Confederate force in the town up ahead. He sends back a messenger telling them that they have occupied Gettysburg. He then surveys the area and notices that they have the "high" ground.
In chapter four we get the view of the Confederates
in Gettysburg. The Confederates are trying to teach their Lieutenant how to play poker. Also one if his
informants warned him that they have spotted the
up coming Union solders.
General Buford was attacked by Confederate troops. He was forced to attack them with all they had. He was riding around directing the battle from his horse. When Reynolds troops move in Reynolds is shot and killed. Leaving the men commander less.
Part 4
Part 3
The first chapter of this part starts off with Chamberlain. He is in pain from his foot bleeding from the previous day. To ignore the pain he keeps moving. After one of his fellow solders offers him some coffee. He greatly accepts it but is reminded that he had to put his own bother on the front line a day earlier.
Longstreet is preparing for the assault that he knows is inevitable.
Chapter 1 - The next morning, English military observer Arthur Fremantle awoke. Excited for another day of battle, and a Confederate victory. He rode to Gettysburg and climbed a tree so he could get a better look at the officers talking and he wondered if there would be any chance of the Confederacy joining with England after the war. He thinks that the South will just naturally win the war. Freemantle leaves to join the Europeans.

Chapter 2 - Chamberlain discovers an escaped slave. A colonel appears and informs Chamberlain that his group is headed towards the small hill - Little Round Top. He was being racist towards the black man. The Unions were becoming disillusioned by all the losses by the numerous losses at the hands of the Confederates.

Chapter 3 - There are many opportunities where the Confederate Army can not capitalize on the chances given to them. General Lee's suggestion to do a frontal assault creates significant problems for the Confederates. The politicians in Washington would be terrified at the thought of having nothing between them and the Confederate army and that would force the Union General, Meade, to attack.

Chapter 4 - The fight on the Little Round Top was one of the most important parts in the book and . A single regiment, led by a professor-turned-colonel, is ordered to defend the extreme left flank of the Union army at all costs. They can not retreat because if they do, the Confederates will quickly come around

Born: June 23, 1928, Jersey City, NJ
Died: May 5, 1988
Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
He was an American author of science fiction, sports fiction, and historical fiction. He was born to Italian immigrant parents in Jersey City, New Jersey, graduated during 1951 from Rutgers University, where he joined Theta Chi, and served as a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division prior to the Korean War as well.
Michael Shaara
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