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Research Papers

No description

Victoria Rivard

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Research Papers

What is a hook?
Writing Intro Paragraphs to Essays
What did you notice about the music?
Which of these songs grabs your attention more? Why?

What does this have to do with an introductory paragraph?
Treasure hunt!
You will be given a slip of paper. Each slip is either the hook, background information, or thesis of an introduction paragraph. You must hunt for the other two slips that match your research topic to form a full paragraph. GO!
-Something that "reels" a reader in and makes them want to keep reading (introduction to an introduction)
Who is your audience?
How is an introductory paragraph like a Krabby Patty?
Introductory sentences: the "map" of your paragraph
Would you rather read?
Pirates are real.


In today's society pirates are often believed to be as mythical and part of science fiction as the big, fat guy who wears red pajamas and delivers presents to little kids all around the world
Background Information
Information reader needs to know to understand topic
Supports your topic
Defines your hook by making it more specific
No argument
Typically is one sentence and is the last in the introductory paragraph paragraph.
A thesis is a claim that can be disputed, but you take a stance that is clearly stated.
It sets the precedent for the rest of the paper letting the reader know what to expect. You MUST be able to back up your claim with evidence for the rest of the paper.
Consider this the bottom bun of the Krabby Patty!

Make your own treasure map...
Now, it's your turn.
Read the article.
You will have approximately 3 minutes to write your introductory paragraph on a possible research paper based on the article.
Next, get together with a partner and give each other feedback on your paragraphs. Make sure all three elements we discussed are evident.

Time to Walk the Plank
Go back to the essential question you answered earlier.
How is a research paper like a krabby patty?

For one minute, rewrite your answer based on what you have learned today and turn it in as your ticket out the door.

You will receive a treasure out the door in return!

Introduces your topic

Good hook:
Anecdote, surprising fact or statistic, hypothetical situation
Bad hook: Question, definition, absence of hook
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