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Mysteries of Ancient By: Laila Murphy

No description

Jaci Howard

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Mysteries of Ancient By: Laila Murphy

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
By: Laila Murphy

What Slaves do
Being a slave is not fun for much people. The owner of a slave will protect them from difficulties.Slaves can even mploy a servent.
How They Become
A Slave
People can become a slave if they fall to pay all their debts. They can also become a slave because they
don't have shelter or food to eat.
The Tools An Artisan Uses
Some tools an artisan in Ancient Egypt used were stone, limestone, granite, and sandstone. They also used ivory, animal carvings, and amulets.
What an Artisan Does?
Some slaves work for organizations like big temples , and big estates. Slaves are war prisoners. It is beleived that laves build most of the pyramids But, it was found out they didn't.
Artisans made items like furniture and jewelry. They portrayed or painted scenes of everyday life, made metal , and sculpted sculptures. An artisan also carved stone like how they carve hieroglyphics into stone. A women artisan would weave fabric and clothing.
What a Scribe Does
A scribe would work on all the writing in Ancient Egypt. Scribes would communicate with hieroglyphics. In Ancient Egypt a scribe kept records. A scribe also, writes books by hand in hieroglyphics.
Tools a Scribe used
A scribe used a paper called Papyrus. A scribe only used pieces of wood and flakes of stone.
The passage About Language was about the writing system of Ancient Egyptians called hieroglyphics. A hieroglyph was a symbol for an object.Some hieroglyphs can be represented by more than one letter. Their were about 700 symbols but, that number grew over time. Most Egyptians were not literate. Only government officials called scribes were literate. Egyptians developed two other writing systems that were easier to write in a hurry. They were called hieratic and demotic writing. Hieroglyphics were mainly used for tombs and temples. Other languages were used to keep records. Hieroglyphs carved in stone or pottery and written with ink in scrolls.Egyptians used hieroglyphs after the first dynasty. Hieroglyphics became a dead language. Not until the early 1800's modern day people learned how to translate hieroglyphics. IN 1799 they found a piece of stone unlocked a mystery. A french soldier uncovered a slab of stone outside Rosetta. the stone dated 196B.C.. Text was carved into the stone in 3 languages hieroglyphics, demotic, and Greek.Eygptoligists studied the Rosetta stone to figure out how to read hieroglyphics.
What Does a Soldier Do
Some soldiers in Ancient Egypt got to lead security. Some soldiers in Ancient Egypt got to fight in wars against other countries. In times of war farmers were made to be soldiers.
Weapons of a Soldier
Some tools that a soldier would use are a sling, a mace, and a spear. They will also use battle axes, bow and arrows, and swords. Three more tools they would use are scimitars, daggers, and the chariot.
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