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Cheerleading and Gymnastics

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Library Media

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Cheerleading and Gymnastics

Cheerleading and Gymnastics By: Lillie How are cheerleading and gymnastics alike and different and which do most people prefer? How long have gymnastics and cheerleading existed? Gymnastics started in Greece from soldiers getting ready to go to war. Running, jumping, and tumbling were great skills for those going to battle in war. Cheerleading was first recorded officially at Princeton University in 1870 from a mens glee club. The first Olympics were in Greece in 776 BC! United States began adopting gymnastics for their own training programs in the 19th century. Which Has More People Participating in it? Gymnastics is easier to do and get into, and cheerleading is usually not as easy to continue as you grow up because it requires more tricks and skills. It depends on where you take lessons. Usually gymnastics has more people participating in it because it requires fewer skills. Do you agree? Do They Have The Same Floor Tricks? Yes, mostly gymnastics is a little more advanced so it may have a couple more floor tricks than cheerleading. What injuries are the most likely to happen in gymnastics and cheerleading? Between 1982 and 2008 there were 45 major injuries in cheerleading. Fourteen lead to disabilities. Two people died from dangerous stunts. There are several other injuries that you can get but these are some of the most likely to happen: High impact landings, broken elbows, wrist, joint and back problems, and sometimes horrid neck injuries. Why Do Gymnasts wear leotards and cheerleaders wear the outfits for the team that they cheer for? Gymnasts wear leotards because it lets them move freely, the colors represent his or her team, and so they don't have to worry about their shirt flying up.
Cheerleaders usually wear special uniforms to match the mascot's outfit. If you ask a cheerleader why they wear the outfit, they will probably say, "Just to represent which team I cheer for and its colors." What are the most important parts of gymnastics and cheerleading?? The most important parts of cheerleading and gymnastics are the skills and practice. My awesome sources were: Live Strong Info on Cheerleading and gymnastics Cheerleading For Fun, Cheerleading, Gymnastics Competitions: On Your Way To Victory Interview from Miss Ferguson who was an awesome Auburn Cheerleader and an amazing gymnast Surveys by CES elementary children doing Gymnastics or Cheerleading, or maybe even both Some interesting vocabulary words that I found are : Survey: it means that you ask certain questions to a group of people and record their answers. Disability: an injury that keeps you from cheerleading So my survey says........... 78% of these girls do gymnastics.
21% of these girls do cheerleading I surveyed 43 girls on the
playground -100% said that their activity was enjoyable. 33% didn't do cheerleading or gymnastics -22% said that they did that activity because they wanted to learn how -44% said that they did that activity because of the tricks -33% said that they did that activity because of their own reason I really hope you liked my prezi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheerleading has more tricks in the air than gymnastics. The most similar part of cheerleading and gymnastics is the floor tricks because they both need the tumbling. Gymnastics is more advanced because of all the other parts like the bar, beam, and floor and much more. MY SURVEY RESULTS ARE............ My essential question is: Here is what Ms. Ferguson said about cheerleading and gymnastics: She said that you have to know how to do most of the skills from taking gymnastics when you are younger so you build off of those. She also said that cheerleading and gymnastics were both really competitive as you get older. Another thing that she said was when you are doing a stunt with a partner you really have to trust in them; once she was trying a new stunt with her partner and she was falling down and she trusted her partner and he caught her 1 1/2 inches off of the ground. Injuries -common injuries are breaking growth plates, damaging ACL, pulling hamstring -ways to help injuries ice, ibuprofen, and compression -stretching helps prevent injuries
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