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Photos for the Future

By: Kennadi Prior

Kelly Prior

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Photos for the Future

Photos for the future
By: Kennadi Prior
For my project I decided to learn how to use the different settings on a camera.

I learned by researching about the different settings and what they do to the pictures.

Then I went around to different environments and used what I have learned to take pictures by using different settings.
MY PROJECT: After learning how to take great pictures I used what I learned to take my own beautiful pictures: These pictures show how the different settings change the photo qualities: THREE REASONS I CHOSE THIS PROJECT:
I love photography.

I would like to have a career in photography.

To learn how the settings on a camera work.
AREA OF INTERACTION: My project fits into the category of Human Ingenuity. It fits here because I used something that was invented to improve our world. By people creating or inventing settings on a camera I am able to take photos to a whole new level.
Process: Decided to learn more about cameras.

Decided to learn in a creative way by being outside and taking pictures.

Interviewed people that know about cameras.

I researched about different camera settings.

Went to different places and took many pictures in different settings.

I chose more sights to visit and applied my skills by selecting a setting based on what I had learned.

Then I took pictures of different places using the settings that best fit each individual shot.
NOW: I now know how to apply the different settings depending on what place or item I am taking a picture of.

The different settings on the camera really make or break the pictures.
Thoughts: This project has taught me how to take beautiful pictures. I am proud of what I have accomplished in the time I had. It was hard to find time in my day to go and get motivated to take pictures, so I had to plan in advance to take them. This project has helped me learn much more about myself.
WORKS CITED: Rowse, Darron. "Digital Camera Modes." Digital Photography School. N.p., 2006. Web. 4 May 2010. <http://digital-photography-school.com/digital-camera-modes>.
"Camera Modes." Operating Modes - Turning on the camera . Photo On Head, 2008. Web. 4 May 2010. <http://www.photonhead.com/beginners/cameramodes.php>.
"Insights and Techniques." Nikon at the heart of the image. NIkon Inc., 2010. Web. 4 May 2010. <http://www.nikonusa.com/Learn-And-Explore/Photography-Techniques/index.page>.
Auto-Portrait Night Mode-Auto Landscape-Auto Landscape-Auto Landscapes: The camera modes that I researched are: Macro Mode- Close up shots.

Night Mode- Dark shots.

Portrait-Blurs out the background so that the main object is being focused on.

Landscape- Makes the scene focused.

Sports-Action or moving shots.

Auto- It will try to choose the best mode for the item or view you are taking a picture of.
Action Shots: Portraits:
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