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The Mobile Revolution

How to Use Mobile as an Extension of Your Business

Carl Obremski

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of The Mobile Revolution

About Carl Mobile Stories From Around the World Founder of Critical Data Solutions, a Software Development firm serving Chicago, Indianapolis, and Michiana

Graduate of Purdue Engineering
Member of the Center for Wireless Systems and Applications team

Career Evolved From a Hobby - 9 years old The Mobile Explosion U.S. Population: 314 million Mobile Revolution How to Use
Mobile as an
Extension of
Your Business The http://prezi.com/pkhtexmjbdep/the-mobile-revolution/ Facebook Users: 1.1 Billion Mobile Device Users Globally: 3.2 Billion Experiencing History
Papal Inauguration - Vatican City Mobile Helps Farmers in Chile Feed Their Families Source: http://ictupdate.cta.int/en/Feature-Articles/From-the-web-to-the-phone Kenya - Where Cash is Becoming Obsolete Source: http://qz.com/57504/31-of-kenyas-gdp-is-spent-through-mobile-phones/ Kenya has the most advanced mobile payment system in the world: M-Pesa

31% of GDP in Kenya is now sent through mobile
Transactions are small
Carrying cash is unsafe
Mobile phones are commonplace Make the Company Website
Mobile-Friendly Build QR Codes For
Print Marketing Set Up a Notification Program 3 Action Items Every Business Must Take To Stay Current Fortune 500 Companies Are Trailblazing in Mobile Sales Customer Service Marketing Red-Hot Mobile Marketing Technologies Geolocation Social Media Integration Your App Here No app is an island. The most successful apps live together as part of a seamless mobile experience, integrating APIs from Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media Platforms. Apps can tap into the mobile device's GPS
to bring location-aware value to customers Case Study: GasBuddy Finds the cheapest gas stations nearby, then displays prices on a map

Live Data is 100% Crowdsourced From Users Gamification 64% of All Apps Downloaded are Games (Nielsen). Mobile users like to have fun.

70% of the top 2,000 public companies will have gamified apps by 2014. Gamifying a Business Create a virtual "currency" that users earn as they use an app, available for them to spend at a later time

Create incentives that make earning the currency "worth it" to the user

Build a system of very lucrative social rewards for individuals who most actively spread your company's message GamifiWHAT? People are naturally competitive Take advantage of this competitive nature to turn simple users into active
brand ambassadors Borrow competitive and "addictive" elements normally found only in games, and weave them into a non-game experience Gives Customers
a Quick Way to Find You

Know Where Customers
Come From How to Gain an Edge in Today's Mobile Landscape And Not Just Keep Up with the Joneses Know the Market Know the Trends Know the Options www.critical-d.com Genentech, a $14 billion biotech company, builds and manages over 100 internal mobile apps for their employees, offering amazing customer experiences and record-breaking organizational efficiency The Mobile Book of Sales Genentech deploys special iPad apps to its outside sales team that provide customers a rich, interactive, in-person experience. Many allow on-the-spot orders. 14 separate apps customized for each product merge corporate video, CRM, and e-commerce "We had a hard time telling the story on paper -- and physicians think they know the space...but having something cool to play with that's interactive, they go back to the pathologist and say they prefer the more accurate test."

Ben Lei, Director of Interactive Marketing Corporations are merging their complex ad, social media, and e-mail campaigns under one mobile dashboard One-Click Command and Control Northern Bank Trust manages the portfolios of High Net Worth individuals.

Their iPad app provides bankers the ultimate tool for world-class, in-person service. The Age of Enterprise Apps Why? Because mobile unfriendly websites scare away users How? 90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes

Send appointment reminders, events, coupons, and deals via text message

Cost per message as low as $0.01 Source: mobileSQUARED 2D Barcode a Smartphone camera can read instantly

Links user to a website, app, coupon, or any other information you wish

Free w/ No Licensing - Make one at http://www.qrstuff.com Games Everything
Else The People The Technology Why The Shift to Mobile? Who's Using It? Sources: Getchee, Gartner The Trend Towards Women Source: eDigitalResearch, IMRG The Trend Towards Native Mobile Apps Mobile Website vs Native Mobile App When is a Native App Appropriate? What Users Prefer When Do Native Apps Work With the Brand? User experience is paramount, and you need more horsepower than a mobile website can provide

Companies that strive to be on the cutting edge

Seamless integration with social media or geolocation would benefit your brand's user experience Most Successful Brands Use a
Mix of Mobile Website and Native Apps
For the Total User Experience Users crave convenience and value-add to their lives. If your concept delivers on these expectations, the investment will pay off big. The Mobile Revolution is like the perfect tidal wave that comes once in 20 years. Those who want to ride it all the way to the shore need to be ready, surfboard in hand, for a wild trip.
The wave is here.
It's winner take all.
Are you ready to dive in? How a Native Mobile App is Made Source: Gartner 2013 Q1 Sales 74.4% 18.2% 3%
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