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No description

Helena Berg

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of DRAGONSPELL

The changes I would make in the book Dragonspell.
In another scene of the book, Kale's dragon Celisse, blind with rage, kills the bisonbeck of wizard Risto's army that killed Celisse's first rider and his family. I would change this so that Kale, using her mindspeaking abilities, gently forces her way into Celisse's mind and takes control that way Celisse wouldn't be in trouble and they can rescue Leetu sooner. The sooner Leetu is rescued, the sooner Kale can find the meech egg Risto stole.
In the beginning of the book, Kale is heading towards the Hall so she can train to be a servant of Paladin. It also explains that Kale was a slave before she left. At some point of her departure, she is attacked by dumb creatures called Grawlings. They take Kale as a prisoner but she escapes soon afterword. In her attempt to escape, she falls in a hole in the ground. As she crawls out of it, she finds 7 more dragon eggs. For this scene, I would have it so Kale is still a slave in the village of River Away and Dar the doneel and Leetu Bends the emerlindian go to Kale while she is doing one of her daily chores. It would change the plot of the story by avoiding Kale from being attacked by Grawlings and finding all eight of her dragon eggs.
In one scene of the book, Kale and her companions are stopping to sleep when suddenly they are attacked by awful creatures called Blimmets. They attack harshly and die from the rain wizard Fenworth conjured. Unfortunately, one of their friends, Glim a kimen is killed from being the first one to be attacked. I would change this so they all hear the blimmets tunneling underground before they attack. If this happened, the kimens would have a chance to get in the trees and Glim wouldn't have died.
Kimens. Their clohing is made of light so they act like guides whenever they are needed. They can also choose the
colour to

represent the

mood and choose the brightness.
Kale and Gymn. Being a green minor dragon, Gymn is able to heal anyone.
Kale's dragon, Celisse.
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