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Transcript of ALL STAR DRIVER V5

2015 Goals and Journey

Launch of Core Values
Open Communication
Full Accountability
People Above All
Launch of
Big Hairy
Audacious Goal
Launch of Incentive Program and Sales Targets

Operational Excellence

Call Center
video 2
Communication With Employees
To educate a generation of safe drivers to cause a cultural shift in the way people act on the roads. Death and Injury cause by traffic accidents is a curable disease. By providing quality education we can create the cure.
Every driver feels safe and
confident behind the wheel
Why We Did It
Always Seek Knowledge (ASK)
Strive to be more valuable today than you were yesterday. Seek training and coaching. Be the trainer and coach. Talk. Listen. Read. Watch. Help your peers and yourself achieve new heights.
Remarkable Individual Performance
Be An Exceptional Example
In order to achieve our goals, everyone on the team needs to be passionate and positive. Good co-workers. Good neighbors. Good humans. The Next Street defines success as surrounding ourselves with people who are respected and respectful.
Our Core Purpose
To create endless opportunities for learning new, awesome things

Launch of Big Hairy Audacious Goal
Transform from a small Driving School to a global education brand most known in the World for delivering outstanding service in education. Twenty-Five Years from now, we will have hundreds of course offerings available in every accessible country.
Educate 500,000 Students
You are empowered to decide things on your own – so long as they are in the best interest of the customer, are morally sound and are compliant with laws and regulations. We endorse critical thinking as opposed to execution of commands. When taking the time to truly think is your standard, success becomes more automatic. We believe that no personal or professional growth is entitled, but instead is earned and rewarded through consistent Remarkable Individual Performance.

Service excellence
is our goal

After all, knowledge is power – and at The Next Street, it’s our fuel.
Remember, the extra mile has no speed bumps. 
We have a simple rule: No Donkeys.
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