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Copy of Wetlands Energy/Food Pyramid

No description

bryanna mueller

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Wetlands Energy/Food Pyramid

Double click anywhere & add an idea Top
Secondary Consumers
Primary Consumers Producers Benthic Macroinvertebrates Bald Eagle
Swainson Hawk Dunlin Mallard Northern Pintail Crane Goose Gadwall American Wigeon Beaver
Northern Shovler grass, plants, trees, and seeds
Burrowing owl Wetlands Energy pyramid Purple Owl
Clover Peeper Weed Alkali Sacton Beardless Rye Fremont
Cottonwood Button Willow Cat tail Leech
Larva Dragonfly
Larva Aquatic Worm
Sowbug Damselfly
Larva/Nymph Scud Planarian Waterpenny Caddisfly
Larva Right-handed
Snail Mayfly
Larva/Nymph Black Fly
Larva Stonefly
Larva/Nymph Mussel Dobsonfly
Larva Left-handed
Maggot Blood Worm
Midge Larva Low Pollution Tolerance Moderate Pollution Tolerance Fair Pollution
Tolerance High PollutionTolerance
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