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Christopher Columbus

No description

ashly munoz

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus early life
Christopher Columbus voyages
ships and voyage
When Christopher Columbus was born
Christopher Columbus was born between August 26 and October 31
Christopher Columbus growing up
As a little boy he wanted to be a sailor
Extra facts
Christopher Columbus visited many countries.
Christopher Columbus sailing to America
He made made his first voyage to North America
Last voyage
In 12 years ,Christopher Columbus made three more voyages to America
Getting help for the voyage
Christopher Columbus asked many kings from other country's for help.
Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! today you will be learning about Christopher Columbus and the events in his life like his early life and voyages that he sailed.
Voyage 2ND
On Christophers Columbus 2nd voyage he took 17 ships with settlers,animals and other supplies
Who traveled with him
Amerigo Vespucci
Christopher was born in Italy
Christopher Columbus born the year 1415
Christopher Columbus was the oldest of 5 children
He made many voyages
When Christopher Columbus 14 he got a job on a ship
Christopher Columbus got married with Felipa Pere Estrella.
Christopher Columbus was an Italin navigator.
It took Christopher columbus 36 days to sail to America
He was greeted by native americans when he got to America
In the last voyage Christopher was shipwrecked
Christopher Columbus had little food and water
every king said no.
But then king Ferdinand and queen isabel of spain said yes.
Christopher's hope
Christopher's hope was to be a sailor one day

Christopher's first job was a ship helper
His dad wanted him to weave wool
Christopher Columbus had three ships there names were Nina,Pinta,and santa Maria.
An addition to find riches.
Ferdinand Magellan
discover the life of Christopher Columbus
Timeline events
1451-Christopher Columbus was born
1491-Christopher Columbus discover the new world
1492 -Christopher Columbus landed on the islands of the Caribbean
1493-1496-his 2Nd voyage
1502-1504-last voyage
1506-Christopher Columbus dies
1465-he gets his first job on a ship
1484-looks for sponsors
1491-Spain helps
1493-returns to Spain
He got married
He was a really good house helper
Christopher Columbus sailed 3 voyages
thank you for watching
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