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Criminal Trial

No description

Molly Turk

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Criminal Trial

Things to Sue Over
1. Property Disputes
2. Contract Issues
3. Divorce
4. Negligence
5. Personal Injury

Steps in a Civil Trial
1. Hire a lawyer
2. File a complaint
3. The defendant's lawyer answering the complaint
4. The trial
5. The decision of the trial

Punitive Damages v. Compensation Damages
Compensatory Damages are things that are rewarded to the plaintiff in a civil case that the defendant caused.
Punitive Damages are when a judge wants to make an example of a criminal for a heinous crime.
Steps to the trial
Go to court for hearing
Defendant appears for arraignment and enters
Defendant can establish a plea bargain
Can request a trial by jury

Steps During a Trial
Each attorney prepares an opening statement
Prosecution and defense call their witnesses for examination and cross examination while under oath
Closing statements

Outcomes of the Trial
Hung Jury
Criminal Trial
Civil Trial
Criminal trials take place in a federal course
Civil trials have a plaintiff instead of a prosecution
The prosecution in a criminal trial is always the government
Civil trials are citizen v. citizen
Module Seven Honors Assignment
Molly Turk
Prosecution and Defense Jobs
Defense's job is to get the defendant acquitted
Prosecution's job is to get the indicted
Fees that can be charged
Fees Charged by Expert Witnesses
Court Reporter Fees
Cost of Constructing Exhibits
Reproduction Costs
Misc. Legal Costs
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