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Milestones in Victimology

No description

Ariannys Cabrera

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Milestones in Victimology

The Emergence of Victimology
Eventually, through the process of finding solutions to crime problems, criminologists were drawn to the important role played by victims.

The first use in English of the term Victimology was used in 1949.
The father of Victimology
Beniamin Mendelsohn
He was a defense attorney, who wrote and spoke about how victims were ignored, disrespected and abused within the criminal justice process.

He proposed ways to help protect victims by creating victim assistance clinics and research institutes, and he also campaigned for victims' rights.
Recognition of Victimology
This inspired some to become Victimologists and by the 1970's, Victimology officially became a recognized field of study.
Victim Assistance
Programs in place to aid in Victim Assistance:
Sex and crime squads and rape crisis center were established in the early 1970's.
In 1974, the first shelter for battered women is set up in Minnesota.
In the Mid-1970's, prosecutors initiate victim-witness assistance programs to reduce the trauma of a crime by empowering and assisting crime victims, witnesses and significant others in reconstructing their lives through advocacy, support, information and referrals.
in the history of Victimology and Victim Assistance
As we are aware, Criminology (the study of crime and criminals) existed before Victimology.

The focus of criminologists was on those who violated the law. They looked to answer questions such as:
Who they were?
Why they were engaged in illegal activities
How they were handled in the Criminal Justice System
How they might be rehabilitated
Before Victimology existed
Ariannys Cabrera
During the 1960's, as street crime intensified, the President's Commission on Law Enforcement argued that Criminologists ought to pay more attention to victims.
Victimologists began to fight for people who were harmed by illegal acts. As a result of this, the emergence of victim assistance programs came primarily due to the fact that social scientists wanted to find a way to ease the victims' suffering.
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