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President Timeline

No description

Heather Beach

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of President Timeline

President Timeline
George Washington
George Washington served as President from April 30, 1789 until March 3, 1797. During both his terms, he had no political parties because he believed that they would lead to "jealousies and false alarms." There were many major events that happened during George Washington's Presidency. One major event is that he was the only President inaugurated in two cities. Also, Washington established the tradition of a cabinet of advisers. Another major event that happened during his presidency is that Washington signed the Copyright Act of 1790. I think Washington made a big and positive impact because he was the first President and he set the guidelines for the future presidents to follow which is probably the reason why the government has lasted this long.
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
From March 4, 1801 until March 3, 1809 Thomas Jefferson was President. Jefferson was not only a part of the Democratic- Republican party but he assumed leadership. He signed the Enabling Act which established procedures which territories organized under the Ordinance of 1787 could become a state. Not to mention, during Jefferson's term the Louisiana Purchase occurred. Also, the twelfth amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially ratified. In my opinion, Jefferson made a great impact because if he didn't do the things he did then life today would be very different.
James Madison
James Madison was President from March 4, 1809 until March 3, 1817. Madison was a part of the Democratic- Republican party. He had many major events during his presidency. One event was Madison issued a proclamation authorizing occupation of West Florida, also claimed by Spain, as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Also, Madison reestablished non association with Britain. Furthermore, Madison issued a declaration of war against Britain. James Madison had a major impact because he declared war on Britain which gave America more freedom.
James Monroe
Monroe was President from March 4, 1817 until March 3, 1825. James Monroe was in the Democratic- Republican Party. Monroe declared a policy of neutrality towards the Latin American Colonies seeking independence. Furthermore, during his presidency the Transcontinental Treaty also known as the Adams- Onis treaty, was resolved in February after the conclusion of the negotiation. Not to mention, Monroe signed the Missouri Compromise. James Monroe made such an impact due to his efforts in trying to improve the country's international reputation and claim it's independence.
John Quincy Adams
From March 4, 1825 until March 3, 1829 John Quincy Adams was the President. He participated in the Federalist party. Quincy Adams had many major events that occurred during the time that he served his two terms. One event that happened was Military order and integration of the Union and state militias concern was created during the Adams administration. Not to mention, the Erie canal was complete during his term. Also, the tariff of abomination was a major event during this time. I believe Adams made a great impact because of everything he was involved with and how much effort he put into being President of the United States.
John Adams was President from March 4, 1797 until March 3, 1801. He was first president who belonged to a political party which was the federalists. Adams called the first special session of Congress to debate the mounting crisis. Also, the eleventh amendment of the U.S. Constitution is declared in full force by President Adams. Not to mention, Adams had the power to enlist 10,000 men for service in case of a declaration of war. I believe John Adams had a positive impact because he helped with the declaration of independence which was incredible.
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