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Timeline at Owl Creek Bridge.

No description

Austin Browning

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Timeline at Owl Creek Bridge.

Timeline at Owl Creek Bridge.
By Austin Browning
The Captain traded places with the Sergeant, and then the order was given to step off, and Farquhar fell between the boards.
The Yankees tied up Farquhar's hands, put him on a plank, with the Captain standing on the opposite end, and put a noose around his neck.
A Union spy tells Farquhar that the bridge was lightly guarded, and all the drift wood at the bottom could easily be set on fire.
Farquhar walks 30 miles to the bridge in attempt to burn it down, and ruin the Yankee stockade.
When Farquhar shows up to the bridge he is captured by the Yankees.
After, Farquhar fell through, but the rope snapped, and he fell into the water. While, he was going down stream, the order was given to fire. When he got in range the cannon started to fire, but Farquhar was able to escape.
Once, Farquhar escaped, he found a road. He fell asleep while walking and woke up at the gate to his farm.
Farquhar made his way up to the steps of his house where he met his wife and was about to kiss her.
Finally, Farquhar was dead. He was hanging, swinging from the rope off the bridge
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