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August Alsina

MUsic appreciation project ;ALSINA LOVER:]

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Transcript of August Alsina

August Alsina life
August Anthony Alsina Jr.was born in New Orleans Louisiana ,September 3 ,1992. August Alsina is his stage name and he is also an American hip hop singer from New Orleans signed to Radio Killa Records and Def Jam Recordings. He is best known for his single "I Luv This ***" with Trinidad and Aug learned at an early age only drugs and money can make you.


August was not rich when he was young, living a homeless life but through out those times in his life he decided to make a video of him singing , he uploaded a video on Youtube at the age of 14 ,singing hypothetically by Lyfe Jennings.
There was not much background about were august parents came from. Although with both of his fathers, august father and stepfather was battling crack cocaine addiction. Alsina's mom move him to Houston , Texas to start a new fresh after the hurricane katrina in 2005.
August did not attend high school just yet , Aug was 16 when his mom kicked him out ,alone Aug went back to New Orleans , bounced from friend and family houses only the corner store provides him shelter, eventually he took the street selling drugs as mean of survival and aug did not go to college.

August was inspired to sing by Lauren Hill after watching sister act 2 and inspired by the tragic death of his older brother, August looked toward music as an escape from the tough streets of New Orleans.

Don't forget about me video
Don't ever forget where you came from..
He attented middle school in New Orleans ,although no one in his family was music inclined.
Downtown: Life Under the Gun

New Orleans
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